Sale of Hefei meal estate 5 years of varus 3
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In recent years, hefei meal with 3 advance greatly for motivation, realize Hefei meal hard bigger span type develops. 5 years since 2003, sale of Hefei meal estate broke up 3 times, achieve by 1.747 billion yuan when came true 2002 2007 5.5 billion yuan, average year increase by degrees 27% , first what be on development of service line of business, make modern market, the one large window of line of business of modern business service and popular.
The leading sheep assistant of civilian battalion meal is plump the trend is mature, family name of king of full building of famous meal gold, Sichuan, page, Cheng Chen walked out of a dimensions to develop the way with perfect ego severally. Nonlocal meal is contended for enter fertilizer, for the vitality with Hefei meal new infuse, the riverside that surpass accept, alone one place, Tong Qinglou, dream, rich overlook a person of academic or artistic distinction, west lake government office of restaurant of elegant guest of La Bao, green water, Home Mao, another name for Jiangxi Province all have not common expression. In successive years of badge dish food festival is held, promoted meal and badge dish grade, make badge dish resource got sufficient conformity is mixed reveal, breed is done more jump over essence of life, it is better and better also to sell a site. Cate block is all-time prosperity, make the first selection that commercial real estate develops. The block of a lot of cate that in be being developed with the village, forms is built in Hefei road, district of the state that be like peace, mound south road of road, Mei Shan road, 9 Mount Hua, yuan one times square, yuan street of one Chinese and Western, country buys the person such as square gas is exuberant. Each commerce is landed yuan of one haing market that bend force makes, ? ? Outan of Ya hill road a street, golden ground the 88 streets foundation with also was offerred better for meal development.
At present Hefei meal dimensions is changed, in a popular style, brand is changed, characteristic is changed already got full-scale development, made 1000 appearance the pattern of systematic form a complete set of 100 condition, full-scale development, provided the cate demand of much azimuth for consumer. As yuan of the 5 stars hotel such as big public house of lake of one Hilton, swan, emerald lake big public house in succession practice, the reception of Hefei meal course of study ability already promoted greatly.

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