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Reporter a few days ago from city classics appoint know, course of study of this city meal realizes business income first half of the year this year 321. 9.7 billion yuan, grow 19 compared to the same period. 7 % . Battalion of course of study of this city meal closes to grow continuously, indicate the domestic meal socialization of a Shanghai citizen is mixed go out the course that repast often changes is accelerated, life quality rises further.

This year first half of the year, course of study of this city meal realized “ one tall two low two maintain ” . “ one tall ” is meal turnover adds total volume of retail sales of consumable of society of whole town of fast prep above fast 3 percent. “ two maintaining ” is Shanghai maintained meal of countrywide center city to consume dimensions the first; Maintained Shanghai meal consumes two digit to grow impetus since 1998. “ because industry competition is intense,two low ” are, meal turnover is added fast under last year the corresponding period 5. 1 percent, add on average under the whole nation fast 4. 3 percent.

Additional as we have learned, inflationary pressure brought management difficulty. Farming of the upriver product value such as fuel of by-product, raw material rise, drove price of cost of meal raw material to rise 10 % above, force an enterprise to go up in the round tone meal consumes the price, produce “ from this ” of 3 difficult problem: It is medium small meal enterprise faces choice difficult problem, be located in the old company of old residential area especially, face old client prediction of a person's luck in a given year and the converging attack that non-standard meal booth chooses, enterprise hard reasonable apply price lever to manage, if company of food of white yulan magnolia is in the enterprise of Cao poplar new residential quarter, value of cold this year face rises hard. The 2 large meal enterprises that are above of 5000 square metre face management coast difficult problem, appeared first half of the year the rare appearance that some large meal enterprises count menstrual battalion to enjoy growth continuously, affected the operation of Shanghai meal course of study and growth rate. 3 it is to rise in price restrict dweller meal consumption to expand.

Face management cost to increase considerably, meal company can stabilize wool interest rate only with rising to consume the price or adjust dish to manufacture, affected company reputation again so, lost partially passenger source, partial operator has planned how to turn row, the situation nots allow relatively hopeful.

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