"Meal Olympic Games " uncover secret greatly
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Before before long, summary of job of sex of phase of project of meal of Olympic Games of Chinese cooking association commends congress is held. The meal of the 29th Olympic Games serves, by chef people the Olympic Games ” that the analogy is course of study of meal of a “ . It includes food of 70% Western-style food, 30% Asias. Still rich maigre, Mohammedan Islamic cooked food and the food that accord with Judaism to set wait.

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Cookbook of Beijing Olympic Games includes more than kinds of 800 dish to taste: 400 kinds of 128 kinds of 160 kinds of 320 hot entree, vegetable and potato food, rice and cooked wheaten food, different sweetmeat and noodle and biscuit kind food. These dish taste every 8 days of cycle. Choose 8 days to serve as cycle, it is to break the thinking of people calm situation, won't appear what to eat for certain on Monday so, the thinking that what Tuesday eats certainly is decided situation, avoid a guest to arise to feel wearily. Dish from finish to eat, cannot exceed 4 hours. Cold dish temperature cannot exceed 10 ℃ , hot food temperature cannot under 60 ℃ .

The partial raw material that food place wants: 930 thousand banana, length of end to end exceeds the length of 3 marathon; 680 thousand carrot, enough surround own the national stadium of 91 thousand seats 150 rounds; 310 thousand orange, at least can crush out milk of …… of juice of 21 thousand litres of orange 75 thousand litres, the fruit is vegetable 330 tons, sea product 82 tons, cheese is mixed 21 tons the flesh kind wait 131 tons.

Arrive from August 7 on August 21, the food safety that Beijing is stationed in the Olympic Games superintends personnel to be in Olympic Games village, media village, advocate news center, international broadcast center and each contest place in all the breakfast that monitoring supplies the athlete, official that follow a line, media 389176, lunch 574035, dinner 481527, food taken late at night 172092, aggregate 1616830, food of table of monitoring Olympic Games exceeds 1.6 million, did not produce accident of safety of a food. Come from 24 colleges of 13 province city of countrywide 58 teachers regard 2242 undergraduates as meal volunteer, broadcast in international center, advocate government of management of the sanitation management of news center, athlete village and two media village, program distributing food, have dinner order, downstage, hind hutch, service is unripe and on the working station such as the interpreter, to come from 200 many countries are mixed of the area 280 thousand register personnel to provide meal service. During the Olympic Games, olympic Games chef 24 hours of in rotation, work on average 10 hours everyday each above, teachers and students face the cold heat is changeful requirement between the operation, paid adv unimaginably at ordinary times hardships, finish Olympic Games meal outstandingly to serve the task.
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