Nanning disinfects meal to provide sampling observation percent of pass to amoun
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How does the alexipharmic dinner service that uses in cafeteria have alexipharmic? The tableware after disinfection arrives from alexipharmic center cafeteria, whether can be you polluted again? The reporter supervises a know from Nanning city sanitation, sterilize the measure such as outfit of packet of suit bowl, alexipharmic breakfast bowl through carrying out, meal of Nanning city disinfection provides percent of pass to amount to 98.1% . On August 28, nanning city sanitation supervises place to supervise the partial tableware with one bigger to Nanning city dimensions family to disinfected a center to undertake selectiving examination, the reporter follows undertake interviewing.

It is reported, current, the tableware disinfection that Nanning city puts on record in door of Ministry of Public Health serves an orgnaization to share 9, the alexipharmic breakfast bowl that supplies on whole town 1000 cafeteria, restaurant everyday is controlled 450 thousand times, suit bowl 120 thousand.

In the center of disinfection of a tableware inside Nanning city new and high district, the manager Li Yueyong of this center tells a reporter, their center carries on everyday the formula bowl that cleans disinfection has many 30 thousand, whole town has many 300 cafeteria, hotel buy alexipharmic meal to provide from here. The reporter is reclaiming cent is collected see, the bowl that the staff member been usinging several, cup, saucer is apart, put into different container respectively next, with disinfection water immerses. Has immersed meal is provided be put to a train subsequently like on the machine, two staff members put bowl dish on conveyer belt, send these bowl dish into ” of “ train railroad car. Over, bowl, dish wants those who pass hot water, cold water to be rinsed repeatedly, reentrance disinfects ” of “ railroad car, until come out from “ train ” . Etc in “ train ” another staff member places these bowl dish combination go up in product line, make a machine automatic include mount plastic film, became what the citizen sees in cafeteria to pack good suit bowl.

“ rises this year, nanning still executed packet of alexipharmic breakfast bowl to install, 25 bowls have to use provision level plastic film undertakes packing, carrying in order to decrease, 2 pollution in saving a process. ” supervises place to supervise Lin Shuwang of one division section chief to introduce according to Nanning city sanitation, this year 1~7 month, nanning city sanitation supervises place in all sampling observation center type to disinfect tableware 515, eligible 505, percent of pass is 98.1% . And the data on reporter hand one 2002 makes clear, in those days the dinner service that Nanning city cafeteria uses everyday is controlled 250 thousand times only, although in those days the tableware percent of pass of center of disinfection of Nanning city dinner service is amounted to 100% , but arrive after the market, the tableware disinfection percent of pass that the each food stall that accepts sampling observation nods is only 90% , its are main the reason is alexipharmic tableware is being carried, be polluted by 2 in use process.
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