"11 " market of golden week meal is hot
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Our newspaper Beijing on October 6 report (reporter Dong Shanfeng) office of news of Department of Commerce discloses today, this year 11 ” of “ the golden week just meets abstruse meeting obtains Beijing Olympic Games, damage task of 7 manned spaceflight finishs huge success and divine boat satisfactorily, the hot and direct report of festal market gives the good intention feeling of people. According to monitoring, will come on September 29 on October 5, total volume of retail sales of consumable of countrywide implementation society many yuan 4200, than last year 11 ” golden week grows “ 21% , amplitude increases 5 percent. Wedding breakfast of each district marriage is much, characteristic meal flourishing, meal market presents the hot front that sees inaccessibly.

This year 11 ” of “ during the golden week, turnover of enterprise of meal of key of Shaanxi, Sichuan, Qingdao, Jilin relatively last year 11 ” of “ the golden week parts grow 30% , 25% , 24.9% with 19.7% . Shanghai shares 25 thousand pairs of new personality to be in “ holds wedding during 11 ” , enterprise of of all kinds meal recieves marriage banquet to make an appointment with 300 thousand desk, because cost of banquet of the marriage inside city is higher, a lot of new personality move marriage banquet to the suburb or draw near province city, drove marriage banquet market of place. Jilin Changchun has 6000 pairs of new personality to hold wedding, one times closer than growing during 11 ” of “ last year, a few hotels roll out banquet of self-help type marriage, saved time already, reduced waste again, be favorred by the citizen. Shaanxi Xi'an restaurant is recieved of all kinds get or supply meals at a fixed rate 4800 more than desk, business income is compared 58% grow during 11 ” of “ last year, beijing international restaurant recieves marriage banquet on the west 150 more than desk, than 36% growing during 11 ” of “ last year. Reparative the ave of Beijing front door after greets the first “ 11 ” golden week, in Quan Jude, before the inn of old name meal such as Cheng Zhai of one place, month, the tourist platoon that wait removed cue, the business income of a few old names is compared one grow during 11 ” of “ last year times above. Chaffy dish of Mom of house of Chongqing happy and carefree, the Qin Dynasty, downwind 123 wait for meat of meat of characteristic meal inn to explode full, turnover is compared generally 11 ” golden week grew “ to become above last year. Qingdao ascended the characteristic meal block such as city district, the sky road to attract numerous tourist patronage, meal turnover compares ferial growth 30% above.

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