Meal sale still maintains high speed growth
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China interlinks management association investigation to show

Report from our correspondent (Zhang Lei of reporter Zou Maolin's trainee) Chinese chain management association announced 2008 China to interlink meal course of study to develop strategic trend findings report a few days ago, this report shows, countrywide meal achieved even locksmith 2400 2007, sale 21.5 billion yuan. From 2007 sale grows scale circumstance to analyse, 95% enterprises with 10% -- 30% extent grow.

As we have learned, be managed to develop mode to join in with straight battalion inn inn is in the majority by chain of investigation meal company, occupy 75% ; Be investigated in the enterprise, exceed even locksmith number 500 the home, sale to exceed 10 billion yuan of above have Kendeji only, from investigation the circumstance is analysed, be in even locksmith 100 the following (occupy 66% ) , sale 1 billion yuan the following (occupy 80% ) company operation is majority.

Although meal interlinks an enterprise to present high speed growth, but face manpower resource deficient, management cost difficulty of rising, standardization is great 3 big challenges. Investigation shows, the main problem that in interlinking meal course of study to develop at present, faces includes manpower resource deficient, management cost difficulty of rising, standardization interior of big, industry is malign the problem such as shortage of competition, capital and policy support.

Be aimed at the problem that faces in meal business development, great majority is thought by investigation enterprise, from the country the development posture of macroscopical economy looks, meal industry development still can hold taller growth range.