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This findings report still displays message of lukewarm state network, meal waste phenomenon is commonner still. The customer that accepts investigation for the most part thinks: In the “ in have dinner the consumptive behavior of not civilized least of all, rational ” is mensal waste, again and again urge sb to drink. and ort do not bale.
Investigation data shows: Of 86% suffer the person that visit to admit to had been wasted. Among them, 230 people think to often be put in wasteful circumstance when restaurant repast, occupy 30.7% ; 105 people think to never appear wasteful phenomenon, occupy 14% ; 415 people think to be able to appear now and then wasteful phenomenon, occupy 55.3% . On wasteful account problem, because public money consumption is brought about,254 people consider as, occupy 33.9% ; 285 people consider as face consumption, if hospitality is about to order dishes more,wait, occupy 38% ; 127 people consider as meal disagreement taste, occupy 16.9% ; The person of other reason is 84 people, occupy 11.2% .
In consumptive customarily, 375 people express to ordering dishes “ of choice of the meeting in the process nods two less, the kind that imposes ” again not quite orders dishes, occupy 50% ; “ of choose of 241 person selected is much, so as to save bothers the means of ” to order dishes, occupy 32.1% ; Peaceful remnant of “ of the choice when 134 people are ordering dishes for face not the means of little ” , occupy 17.9% .
The respect reminds in the clerk, “ has reminded when 114 people state hotel clerk is ordering dishes right amount order dishes, ort bales ” , occupy 15.2% ; 549 people show, occupy 73.2% ; 87 people express to have now and then, occupy 11.6% .
To this, city consumes appoint think: Analytic consumer shows the undesirable consumption behaviour that come when repast, discover its are main not hard the reason is the consumptive concept that a lot of consumer still retain in backward, stale and habit, it is the expression of ” of face of “ of attend to individual and view of interpose accident person. To these problems, city is consumed appoint will undertake “ to consumer right amount order dishes, of measurable drinking ” teach with health sparely, the responsibility that cultivates customer consumes consciousness.

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