Rights and interests of meal industry consumer often is gone regulation is damag
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These a few years, industry of our city meal entered the spring of a development. But in development, also cause give what a few have caustic consumer rights and interests to go regular. For instance: Boiled water of amount of setting lowest consumption, collection and alexipharmic tableware cost, decline to wait from the water that take wine.

A few days ago, lukewarm state city consumes appoint meal of released “ whole town serves course of study to consume findings report of questionnaire of ” of state of behavior kimono Wu to show: Of 51.2% restaurant is encountered to install lowermost expenditure when sufferring the person that visit to be consumed in restaurant, the person of 53.7% has encountered restaurant collection to disinfect tableware to expend when repast, the person of 68.4% thinks restaurant exists to “ declines or prohibit taking the appearance of ” of wine water, beverage oneself.

It is reported, this second investigation sends questionnaire in all 765, call in effective questionnaire 750, investigation object involves whole town each county (city, area) different age, different profession and different income estate public figure. City is consumed appoint express, association of meal of city of combination of near future general publishs meal industry jointly standard of Wu of sincere be convinced, guide meal enterprise to assume the responsibility that protects consumer rights and interests actively, health of stimulative meal industry develops; Guide consumer nurturance “ right amount order dishes, the economical habit of measurable drinking ” .

Through investigation we can discover, often damage consumer rights and interests go regular and specific have all the following planting -- alexipharmic tableware wants to collect fees

Investigate data: On boiled water problem, 271 people express to had encountered cost of restaurant collection boiled water when repast, occupy 36.1% ; 479 people express to was not come up against, occupy 63.9% . In tableware disinfection expends a problem to go up, 403 people express to had come up against restaurant collection to disinfect tableware to expend, occupy 53.7% ; 347 people express to was not come up against, occupy 46.3% . Answer to should not collect fees in alexipharmic tableware on, 143 people think should, occupy 19.1% ; 535 people show not should, occupy 71.3% ; 72 people express to be indifferent to, occupy 9.6% .

City consumes appoint viewpoint: Many our city cafeteria, especially plain food shop, farmhouse is happy with small-sized meal inn, existence is offerred to consumer plastic pack disinfect bowl chopsticks and collection charge. Meal enterprise provides safe, healthful dinner service to consumer is his legal obligation, the meal inn that is established by usage serves content. If meal inn cannot provide dinner service of safe, healthful disinfection, that this enterprise itself does not possess business qualification. The charge that disinfects tableware is the component of cost of battalion of already of look forward to, its charge already was included it is in dish price, meal enterprise cannot go to the charge marry again that disinfects tableware generation on consumer body.
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