The United States rolls out first " slow food division " antagonism snack cultur
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In recent years, many American begin to review snack corrupt practice, the hope returns to “ green ” , healthy food kind. The ” of motion of “ slow eat of an opposite snack gradually arisen.
Wait for civilian group leading organization by ” of United States of “ slow eat, ” of division of first “ slow food will kick off in California city san Francisco on August 29, last 4 days. The organizer hopes to borrow this activity to make more person accept concept of ” of “ slow eat.
Additional division of kind of “ slow food”
Since of ” of division of “ slow food the happy grand meeting of pattern of division of a music, it is a serious discussion about idea of ” of “ slow eat. The organization such as ” of United States of “ slow eat is this activity pour into many painstaking effort.
About 50 thousand person attends ” of division of this “ slow food. People can sample the healthy food that comes from American south and southwest, listen to well-known writer to talk about food of ” of “ slow eat, see cooking ace spot demonstrate to cut the flesh, method that make food, still can discuss how to be inside domestic budget limits with other participator expenses of reasonable arrangement food. For foil atmosphere, the organizer still arranged the film, picnic, rock and roll to be able to wait for an activity.
In the activity, participator still has an opportunity to appreciate Yindian one time amorous feelings, besides enjoy the characteristic food such as bison flesh, still can see Indian uses grass to braid the picture of cushion below moonlight.
In addition, ” of United States of “ slow eat tries to be unique, exhibit outside san Francisco city hall with collaboration of ” of “ food web a ” of “ victory vegetable garden that grows organic food. The “ that additional monarch is children only together inside the vegetable garden and sets confuses your cropland ” . The organizer hopes to borrow this vegetable garden to be revealed to common people, oneself start work kind of dish is not difficult.
A Niya of organizer of activity of ” of division of “ slow food·Funaerde is right " the United States signs up for now " the reporter says, this the activity aims to promote development of ” of motion of “ slow eat, means of “ current food is pushing American people to blind lane ” .
Dietary new idea
Idea of ” of “ slow eat results from Europe, core is to oppose all sorts of snack and fastfood provision, view edible this locality produces, the traditional provision that makes by hand. Proponent of ” of “ slow eat cares the producing area of food, production methods, generator and their pay circumstance to wait.
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