Meal industry competition is increasingly intense foreground of business affairs
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Meal industry competes increasingly intense, meal is consumed increasingly of diversity now, business affairs meal more and more be valued by operator, spend not much money, eat the business affairs food with delicate and rich, goluptious nutrition, for numerous to Hangzhou white-collar, had been a tickler no longer.
This year, the meal market competition of Hangzhou is intense, metabolic multiterminal, as Hangzhou GDP of average per capita exceeded 3000 yuan 2003, hangzhou already was entered rich model comparatively well-off society. Hangzhou meal industry also appears piece let a hundred flowers blossom, the evidence of diversity, especially the occurrence of a few delicate dining-room, caused the advent of times of business affairs of Hangzhou meal course of study.
What is meant by business affairs meal? The personage inside course of study thinks to should satisfy humanitarian requirement above all, want to build humanitarian consumption conception for business affairs personage without fail, be full of humanitarian lasting appeal, or elegance of plain and neat, or riches and honour is threatening, or refined and classical, this is one of demand of repast of business affairs personage. The wine shop that cuts a figure in this respect has short for Zhejiang Province of another name for Guangdong Province stone of meeting, drunk love, buffalo is waited a moment.
Next, wine shop of business affairs meal should pay close attention to the business affairs demand of guest have dinner: Business affairs fete is like gold when some cherish, exquisite and quick relaxed; Some stresses the status, pursuit character serves; Return some to reflect value, exquisite ostentation and extravagance. Numerous cafe, bar also is in Hangzhou to try hard to this respect, business affairs formula emerges in endlessly.
Enter 2004, make the cate structure that give before the meal course of study of Hangzhou a few years be being changed by a batch of new-style gust meal or delicate dining-room place, a new force suddenly rises of emotional appeal dining-room and business affairs dining-room, pounded the dimensions meal that original Hangzhou already formed, should tell so, the meal course of study of Hangzhou already was gust characteristic mutual amlposition, management style lets a hundred flowers blossom.
The market of business affairs meal is extending ceaselessly. Business affairs personage dares “ fashionable ” . Personage of partial business affairs is to study abroad returning sea puts in a clique 's charge, in crowd of other not little business affairs, also visit going abroad has seen world. Business affairs dining-room should be offerred for them while with the thing square culture blends to taste kimono Wu for dish of ” of “ fashion colour, still popularize new course to taste a style ceaselessly, the different ground dish such as dish of the plain dish of the exotic dish that inducts exoticism and new idea, another name for Guangdong Province, the biggest characteristic of these dish type is vogue, popularity, change fast, and let business affairs personage easily like.
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