Deadbeat of meal sale blowout queues up " main attack " cafeteria fascia dish
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“ eats to want to wait where, first-class it is half hours of above, ” citizen Mr Liu is right have dinner has feeling quite during the National Day, client of the have dinner in the festival arrives more almost every dining-room wants room for action of coordinate queueing up. He says, oneself often the hill of patronage although dining-room is ferial li of sale is pretty good also, but during 11 ” of “ have dinner going queueing up to wait one hour before him still is head bout, dining-room boss says, during the festival almost every day such, the business is more than breaking up one time at ordinary times.
During the golden week, the reporter observes, sample delicate one of main purposes that became citizen of ab extra passenger, this locality and foreign tourist to visit Beijing, the cate resort that the badge dish of the classical roast duck from old name, recreational dining-room, plain dish is ” of people “ main attack etc. The personage inside course of study also expresses, the golden week that just goes is the first after the Olympic Games long holiday, tourist of the other place that Beijing goes sightseeing, foreign country comes before, family, friend, colleague meets, marriage banquet power of 3 big spending dispatchs simultaneously, it is the main reason of occurrence blowout of turnover of meal of this golden week.
On front door ave one place, one whether is dragon has not been divided have dinner time, the doorway always is being discharged grow senior team, the old name that nonlocal tourist always hopes to be able to taste savor tunnel is delicate. Be in welcome a customer on average hourly 330 much people, this inn is in movement of client saturation condition from beginning to end inside business hours, traditional a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top everyday sale 3000 drawer, 500 drawer control dazzle colour a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top, 430 drawer control multicoloured a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top; One store of dragon chaffy dish is new total investment uses 100 made chaffy dish, use up above of hotpot hoisting jack everyday. Respect of group of lane of old name petty gain introduces, average day of every inn roast duck sells 1000, briny duck liver, wine is tongue of heart of sweet drunk duck, crystal duck, dry burn duck the classical dish such as smooth slices of fish meat of 4 treasure, flooey is not tasted sold one sky namely at 7 o'clock in the evening.
Shop of the steamed stuffed bun that celebrate abundant sells even locksmith 7 days steamed stuffed bun many 300, the historical record that refresh sells; Sweetened bean taste of brand shop of steamed bun stuffed with sweetened bean paste of house of spring of willow of ” of bag of top class sweetened bean taste wraps “ capital 7 days to sell 100 thousand, it is the record that 11 ” golden week sells calendar year “ ; The palace of delicate eyebrows wineshop protects gallinaceous man to sell everyday give many 400; A photograph of whole family of braise in soy sauce that the oxtail of braise in soy sauce of grand guest building, arenaceous boiler resides everyday work off many 200.
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