Deadbeat of meal sale blowout queues up " main attack " cafeteria fascia dish
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Taste deserve the reputations one enjoys besides the dish pressing down inn of old name, the food festival that eat look forward to rolls out during the festival lets deadbeat as much people article savor of all kinds is delicate. In the first golden week after the Olympic Games, the yam that Er of rich of Jamaica flying person loves most especially also makes a capital the popular dish fall is tasted, group of city China day rolls out food festival of yam of China day old name on the west, the cafeteria of 20 old names such as grand guest building rolls out dish of nearly 100 yam, wan Qing of yam of Bao of chop of cod of wineshop of the La Mei yam of vogue of taste of music garden wine shop, delicate eyebrows, barbecue is weak 3 treasure of nourishing season are deadbeat people “ is close to provision of ” flying person go up anthology. Young dining-room rolled out badge dish food festival during National Day, lead Anhui place cate capital table, if salty delicacy is smelly,the local name dish such as salmon became the hit is quite fast food during the festival to taste. Relevant controller expresses, section hind will join the badge food with fast hit to daily entree card in the center, the characteristic dish that adds dining room is tasted manage.

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