Income of meal of hot golden week defeats banquet of marriage of capital old nam
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Banquet of marriage of Beijing of 11 ” golden week aids “ blast, old name sale is unusually hot. According to Beijing trade bureau number of 15 days of statistic shows, 7 days grow a holiday, meal industry business income innovates again tall, achieve one hundred million and forty-one thousand four hundred and ninety yuan, grow 53.6% compared to the same period.
The Olympic Games brings finish marriage to heat up, a lot of new personality get card during the Olympic Games, national Day grows a holiday to hold wedding, old name makes their first selection. The barbecue of Beijing the first of all as if the hot occasion that appeared one day to welcome 3 pairs of newlywed person at the same time, grand guest building grows a holiday 7 days to recieve marriage banquet in all more than 400 desks, boutique another suitable with photograph of the corresponding period is more fourfold than growing last year much, arenaceous boiler room, Tong Chunyuan, be the same as and the banquet of old name marriage such as house is likewise popular, medicinal powder be booked by marriage banquet for the most part one sky, cafeteria explodes every day canopy, beg hard.
The tropics of Olympic Games travel this year moved meal market to warm up continuously, meal consumption innovates repeatedly tall, daily turnover all exceeds 15 million yuan. The old name with China day subordinate group, 7 days of sales rise the red-letter day compared to the same period 50.3% , passenger flow grows 55% compared to the same period.
Consume a characteristic in the light of the festival, each big meal course of study rolls out the capital innovation dish is tasted. Inn of well of government office of Quan Jude king rolls out the formula of reunion banquet series that contains duck of assorted of element of king government office, Bai Xueyu Beijing to wait to have distinguishing feature of king government office quite; Quan Jude inn of Ya Yun Cun planned autumn according to characteristic of autumn preserve one's health the National Day formula of nourishing nutrition; Restaurant of center of Dong Laishun north rolls out the innovation dish such as emerald kongfu shrimp to taste.
To attract a customer, meal enterprise is ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, straight door examine mothers east the cafeteria of community rolls out ” of “ bargain dish, every desk can nod ” of dish of bargain of a kind of “ by the price of dish of customer write one's own ticket, pay at will, attracted a large number of customers around, cafeteria explodes every day full.

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