Marriage banquet books old name to innovate again tall
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11 ” of “ the holiday of the golden week shifts to an earlier date two days, a bit did not affect the enthusiasm of new people. Banquet of marriage of capital old name is booked hot, with “ one-stop ” marriage celebrates a service to attract capital sweethearts people the Hong Bin building of eyeball, come to will been discharged on October 5 from 29 days full marriage banquet, 7 days received marriage banquet order 490 much desks, grow more than 50% compared to the same period, music garden wine shop, Tong Chunyuan, barbecue as if, wineshop of room of another suitable, arenaceous boiler, delicate eyebrows, be the same as and the banquet of old name marriage such as house is likewise popular.
The reporter is in barbecue as if, another suitable wait for old name to see, although will been absent on October 6 “ in 11 ” holiday, but still the client booked the marriage banquet that day. Barbecue Wan Gong makes personnel tell a reporter: “ will book marriage banquet not less on October 6, client of 7 days has changed on September 29, 30 days perhaps adjourned, but the wedding day that some clients think October 6 is a ' of ‘ Feng Shuang, did not change the date of marriage banquet so. ”

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