Contest of meal course of study spreads out act in north
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——“ of activity of 3 old brands surpasses the Chinese meal course of study that the combination such as bureau of business affairs of Chinese cooking association, Beijing and Quan Jude group sponsors to exhibit ” to assemble in Beijing first, begin to kick off in Beijing exhibition today.

A ” points to “ the red-letter day of the 18th chef that Chinese meal course of study has dimensions and international force most moves first division Beijing, “ surpasses the contest of world of Chinese meal cooking that ” points to 4 years, “ exhibits ” is to point to fair of food of meal of the 4th China International. In 3 big activities, expert of global meal industry will discuss the focal issue that Chinese meal develops, in the meantime, still spot of cooking Great Master shines to live absolutely, all sorts of wonderful activity content such as characteristic cate great party.

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