Department of Commerce: "11 " growth of market of meal of golden week each distr
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According to trade of Department of Commerce service government manages to city of partial focal point market research of the meal between cycle of 11 ” gold analyses “ this year, market of each district meal carried the good state with hot consumption, meal market appears a 6 big characteristics:
1, meal market lasts hot, consumptive dimensions grows strong.
During the golden week, business income of Beijing meal industry innovates again tall, amount to 115 million yuan, grow 53.6% compared to the same period; Tianjin monitors meal company business income 50 times to amount to 54 million yuan mainly, grow 28 % compared to the same period, repast number rises 30 % compared to the same period; Business income of Shanghai meal industry grows 11.2% compared to the same period; Business income of Chongqing meal industry amounts to 486 million yuan, grow 17.5% compared to the same period. Amplitude of sales revenue of meal of Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi'an is amounted to respectively 12.5% , 15 % , 22% , 30% . Business income of company of 12 meal of Guangzhou that monitor grows 10.5% compared to the same period; 50 keys of Nanjing monitor meal company business income to grow 28% compared to the same period.
2, food safety suffers fully take seriously, consumptive environment is increasingly normative.
Meal of 11 ” golden week serves good to do “ , height of branch of each district business affairs takes meal safety problem seriously, concentration begins milk products, wine kind, the flesh kind the special inspection of the market, ask broad meal enterprise puts food safety in management first place, build favorable consumptive environment for broad masses. Bureau of Beijing business affairs allots channel of stock with goods of material of raw material of company of announcement standard meal technically, ensure provision is safe, strengthen safe production management, center the form such as the examination through holding special meeting make peace, fulfil safety administration job. Bureau of Chengdu business affairs arouses organization enterprise of more than 30 famous meal and former company of complementary makings production begins butt joint of produce and sale, build platform for cooperation of raw material produce and sale, reduce Yuan Fucai makings to purchase link, ensure provision is safe. Bureau of Hangzhou business affairs is held technically before the section touch a mass rally, safe to the sanitation of key meal enterprise, raw material collects field of equipment, repast to adjust, service personnel arrangement raise a requirement.
3, marriage celebrate wedding breakfast to sing leading role, brand and characteristic meal accept favour.
Meal consumes main form to be during the golden week marriage outside celebrating banquet, travel banquet, family banquet and food, sell and multiform cate activity. Banquet of each district marriage is booked unusually hot, cafeteria of dining-room of each big public house, characteristic, old name and large and medium-sized the marriage of brand meal enterprise celebrates banquet flourishing. Be opposite according to Beijing statistic of partial meal enterprise, banquet of marriage of capital old name is booked hot, golden week banquet will be booked on September 28 already amounted to 10438 desks, among them marriage banquet 8848 desks.
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