Domestic meal interlinks course of study to show high speed to develop posture
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A few days ago, china interlinked management association to release 2008 China to interlink meal course of study to develop strategic trend findings report. This report this year 7 to between August, by Chinese chain management association combines De Qinhua always accountant office is finished jointly, survey object includes Quan Jude (20.8, 0, 0.00% , ) , footprint of Xi Bei, spruce Changjiang Delta, De Zhuang, cygnet, small fat sheep, Kendeji, Home Ji Ye, celestial being forest the president that waits for meal course of study to have representative company or general manager. Survey result makes clear, home interlinks meal course of study to continued to carry the state that high speed develops.

Be managed this to develop mode to join in with straight battalion inn by the meal company chain of investigation of inn be in the majority, occupied 75% , its exceeded even locksmith number 500, but sale exceeds 10 billion yuan of above have Kendeji only. Look from sale growth scale, have 95% be grown by what investigation enterprise realized two digit, among them increase rate is in 10% to of 20% occupied 42% , increase rate is in 20% to of 30% occupy 31% , show most company grows the rule that accords with benign operation, still carried higher development rate.

Survey shows at the same time, current, the main problem that course of study of domestic chain meal faces in rapid development is manpower resource deficient, management cost difficulty of rising, standardization interior of big, industry is malign shortage of competition, capital and policy support. Among them, manpower resource shorts main show flows in personnel big, outstanding chef demands exceeds supply, administrator quality is badly in need of rising; Management cost upsurges raw material, labour force mixes main body now chummage and revenue cost growth; Standardization difficulty basically is behaved greatly mix to the advanced technique in the enterprise facilities is devoted and insufficient, content of domestic low temperature sorts development finite. Was put forward 6 to settle strategy in the light of these problems by investigation object, adjust straight battalion namely inn and join in the scale of inn, promotion is had brand or found new brand and new product, implementation differs dissimilation to manage, build raw material to produce base, build the kitchen central and promotion company in-house operation efficiency and level of only store gain.

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