Beijing plans to aid economy of the Olympic Games after pushing to grow with mea
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October of Beijing of China News Service 15 days of report (reporter Liu Changzhong) the reporter learns today, the unit such as bureau of Beijing business affairs sponsors festival of chef of the 18th China, plan to aid economy of the Olympic Games after pushing to grow with meal consumption.
Chinese chef section is the brand activity that Chinese meal course of study has dimensions and international force most, the unit such as association of cooking of bureau of Beijing business affairs, China sponsors festival of chef of the 18th China, those who aim to achieve meal and capital spending market is benign and interactive, pull move consumption, help the growth of economy of the Olympic Games after pushing Beijing, stimulative meal industry grows more quickly smoothly, promotion industry whole serves a level, the new target of the scientific progress that achieves Beijing of green Beijing, science and technology, humanitarian Beijing.
” of annual section of “ China chef will be in Beijing seventeen days to hold to 20 days at October, hold at the same time still have be known as meal course of study the ” of contest of world of cooking of “ Chinese meal of Olympic grand meeting and “ the 4th China (Beijing) ” of fair of food of international meal • . Thousands of person collects hutch of name of city of each province of former not only China Beijing, still have the kitchen that comes from more than 20 nations of world such as the United States, Japan, Australia, Germany, Korea and area art China comes before ace, compare notes craft, communicate experience; The ginseng of more than 400 enterprises that latter will have nearly 40 ginseng that come from ten countries such as Singapore, Japan, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Korea, Korea and Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and area to exhibit business and Chinese home is exhibited.

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