Eat rich experiences meal to live absolutely on the meeting
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Beijing TV station reports (special attention) : Today, meal of the 4th international·Food fair spreads out act in north, this can says Chinese food group has the grand meeting of dimensions most, as a result of the eat rich this year meeting and Chinese chef section, every 4 years for a time cooking world contest just meets same time, close together to hold first accordingly, form “ to exhibit ” of an one contest, you think, chef crosses action, Great Master to display art, cate is revealed, this meal grand meeting must have sth. worth seeing or reading more!

Eat rich meets exhibit a house in, peremptory the ocean of a food, have the new provision that of all kinds packs not only, still have the party that whole desk end comes up: Cold go all out, sculpture of noodle, food, all without exception is full of originality, extremely all pay attention to delicate, peremptory handicraft is general, the audience is considering: So beautiful, should be false?

Besides the cafeteria with famous capital, and other places of Taiwan, United States also is chosen sent banquet work to reveal, 30 of select of federation of world China cooking global commissioners will be right everyday banquet undertakes professional assess. The cate here looks insufficient, day of noisy of the abrupt strains of music accompanied by drumbeats there, it is China so hutch art came on stage alive absolutely! As we have learned, the cook that 60 bodies conceive stunt will do 6 talent to reveal in 3 days, letting what the person does not imagine is, the method in these kitchens, have sth. worth seeing or reading more than excellent acrobatics unexpectedly!

This master carries dough on the head on the head, knife of both hands start working cuts an area, was such manner already belonged to scarce? Can be your look, he still rides on wheelbarrow actually! This master sits quietly aside, patient ground wears ” of white line of “ of a root into stythe eye of a needle.

Compere says, so fine noodle, still need not worry in boiler below boil changed, because the face is mixed so that muscle arrives, spread out the face cake of roll of hand of Li Shi teach, have 10 meters fully how long, as silk general, and thin be like cicada's wings, unconscious can clear on newspaper see a character! Besides, still unconscious eye carves a turnip flower, shredded meat …… is cut on the balloon these appearing that be in only the hutch that legend novel perhaps appears in the film art absolutely vivid, exist really actually! Let a person must sigh with emotion of China meal culture magical with glamour!