Liao join catering Zhengzhou ribs Leading the Chinese style food is still hot
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Chinese style, is manifested in the form of Chinese elements, based on Chinese culture and Oriental culture, based on, and adapt to global economic trends have a unique charm and character of the art form. In recent years, especially after 2008, China began to wind popular culture, art, food and other fields. Chinese style advertising, Chinese style architecture, Chinese style songs, Chinese style food, Chinese style clothing, etc., Zhengzhou restaurants join Liao ribs with pure Millennium River halogen cultural cuisine, a hundred years old brine food brand, is leading the Chinese style "food is still" boom .

Chain of the coffee industry began to sell tea tycoon, Yangkuaicandian will sell rice, soy milk, fried dough sticks ... ... Recently, Starbucks, KFC and other Western fast food will have traditional Chinese into Western-style fast food in the restaurant industry raised great concern and sense of crisis. Introduction of Western fast-food consumer goods is recognized Chinese meal? Western fast food restaurants selling tea Shoufan it will give local businesses a huge impact? Chinese style restaurant has become a new trend.

Recently, Zhengzhou shop catering to receive ribs join Liao Liao Sichuan Sichuan brine ribs promote the Chinese culture of the headquarters, leading the Chinese style "food is still" the guiding wave, in the pavement decoration, dishes produced, more emphasis on outreach reflects the quaint, elegant and simple Chinese style.

Liao Sichuan restaurant ribs as well-known brand, with its excellent quality, good brand, good franchise mode of management in the food brands are whipped up in Zhengzhou, "Liao ribs" whirlwind. Liao join catering ribs Zhengzhou has a "color, smell, taste, meaning, form, fresh," the six features, five-flavor-based, spicy, supplemented in line with the tastes of the country, is a typical Chinese style cuisine.