South Beauty restaurant waiting for an opportunity in the A-share listed
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High-end brand of South Beauty restaurant chain recently opened in the Lujiazui financial district in Shanghai, the first of its 13 direct sales stores. South Beauty Co., Ltd., Zhang told Chinese Commercial News reporters Cai Fang and Shi Biaoshi, South Beauty will open 25 to 30 stores in Shanghai and wait for the best time in the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In addition, the cards STEAM South Beauty's restaurant in Shanghai steamed to 300 scale. Franchise business for the market has stopped According to reports, new store is located in Lujiazui, 1885, South Beauty Culture & Leisure Centre. Culture and leisure center of Lujiazui in 1885 the middle of the south side of Century Avenue from Century Boulevard, Mall Road, North Nanquan made enclosure, with a total construction area of about 1.4 million square meters. Detached form the whole restaurant for the new store architecture, divided into upper and lower levels, the business area of more than 1,600 square meters, loose seat restaurant with indoor and outdoor area, deck area, indoor and outdoor seating nearly 500 different forms to meet meal requirements. It is reported that the restaurant's average revenue per meal is expected to reach position 500 yuan / day or so. Zhang told reporters chose to gather the Lujiazui area of business travelers, because the goal of South Beauty is in the high-end customers are mainly business people. South Beauty store located in the city of business people are generally more concentrated in the financial district. Zhang said that China South Beauty restaurant industry to do LV, hopes to make South Beauty, a brand of quality assurance in order to drive the entire food industry, quality and taste. Currently, South Beauty has stopped franchise business in the future all the new restaurants will open as Guide. According to Zhang introduced, together with the Expo area of four South Beauty stores, the current South Beauty, a total of 23 stores in Shanghai. South Beauty will soon be in the old pier, Kerry and other places to open new stores, South Beauty stores in Shanghai will reach 25 to 30. The South Beauty restaurant's future, another brand STEAM steam to open 300 stores in Shanghai. In addition, this month, South Beauty has just opened in Shenzhen, the third in the local stores, stores in Shenzhen next year will reach 10. The recent development will focus on Suzhou, Ningbo and other Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region. 10 years to become the world's top 500 companies It is understood, was founded in 2000, South Beauty Group multi-brand operation strategy implementation, including the brand's South Beauty restaurants, high-end club lan (LAN Club), the concept of fashion brand restaurants SUBU and STEAM? Hole evaporation? Snow four high-end brands . Zhang introduced the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games success as South Beauty restaurant service provider, which is accelerated towards the international market, South Beauty, opening the next important step in the development strategy of globalization. South Beauty is currently planned for Tokyo, London, New York, Milan and other cities to open branches overseas, including the London store opening program has been basically determined. Will also enter the five-star hotel, plans in a number of tourist cities such as five-star Starwood Hotels cooperation. It is learned that the end of 2008, South Beauty gave its a 10% stake, received a 3 billion in financing. This will be South Beauty into a new stage of development. South Beauty is now outside the transmission will start listing the near future, which Zhang said, "Now do not rush to market South Beauty, corporate profitability has been achieved to create the beginning, and now has maintained annual revenue growth of 100% or more. When the enterprise able to take social risks, investors will consider when the risk of the market. The Chinese capital market is the world's most secure market, South Beauty will wait for a good time in the A share market. " Zhang told reporters that South Beauty plans to implement the next 2 years, ERP management system, and create an international team of professionals. Plans for the next 5 years the successful listing and the acquisition of large enterprises, so that further expansion of business scale South Beauty. The next 10 years goal is to become the world's top 500 companies.