Introduction of the first restaurant in Shanghai reached the Chinese home appl
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November 2, 2010, Metro introduced the first time in Shanghai "food pass" mall; November 17, Wonder City, Metro's electrical store will be located in China's first Huaihai Road, November 4, Metro Ai Group Chief Executive g 哈德柯德斯 (Eckhard Cordes) will be unveiled in Shanghai. "Since entering China in 1996, we have invested 600 million euros here, we will be additional investment in the Chinese market." 艾克哈德柯 Fernandez said. Target table Tsai, president of Metro China Tin Lok on the "food pass" looking forward to: "In 2008, the size of China's catering industry is 3 trillion yuan from 2012 to 2015, China's food each year increased by 1 trillion yuan. We Ready to roll up its sleeves and a. "Compared with the traditional Metro shopping malls, it is small size, mainly hotels, restaurants and canteens and other food and beverage industry professional customer service, catering for downtown business operators to provide" one-stop " Solution. Shanghai Cuisine Association thought out that the Metro is the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo organizers recommend the food suppliers, has its own characteristics. However, Metro focus on professional customer service business model has been quite controversial. In the Chinese market and has earned pours of different foreign retailers such as Carrefour, Metro implemented is membership. However, since Metro It opened in 1996 in Shanghai in China, the first cash and carry wholesale shopping mall has been long in the red, from 3 years ago, Le Cai days after transfer, president of Metro China, Metro China began to profit. "I Have a great investment in China, shopping malls are our property and buy land, and amortization of these costs will take time. "In 2008, the Metro in China is only 38 Cash & Carry wholesale stores, now has increased to 46." Starting in 2011, including the 'food-pass', including, each year we hold an additional 10 to 15 stores. "Cai Tin Lok said. Into the home appliance retail market And "food through" different, November 17 will be officially landed in Shanghai Huaihai Road, Wonder City Electric (Media Markt), is Europe's largest consumer electronics chain. May 20 this year, announced in Shanghai Ke Desi : "We will open 100 million in China, was the city electrical stores, the first of October this year, stores opened in Shanghai." As early as 3 years ago, the Metro to try to get the city electrical million into China. To this end, in March 2009, Foxconn METRO Group also signed with China to establish a joint venture with the intention of the agreement, Metro held in the joint venture a 75% stake, Foxconn holds 25% of the shares. "In 2015 we opened 100 stores in China's plan did not change." Afternoon of November 2, Man City have Tangwang Tao, CEO of China said. Tang Wangtao introduction, store management team is based on the identity of business operations. "In other countries, Wonder City, general manager of stores have 10% of the shares, in Shanghai, according to China's national conditions, we will be implemented in phases . "This will be a million have household appliances retail competition in the city's" secret weapon. " However, Suning, the United States and other domestic home appliance chain giant has not only firmly grasp of market dominance, and has equity incentive; Although Best Buy gain an advantage, but the past 5 years into China, but so far in less than 10 stores in Shanghai , Man City have opened in China's goal of 100 stores when it will work?