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Recently, the Food and Drug Muping branch of law enforcement supervision and management of the health sector in conjunction with business and tableware cleaning unit of the region and the food service industry for tableware production and use of special law enforcement inspection. In tableware disinfection units, law enforcement officers a detailed inspection of all aspects of cleaning tableware, on the correct problems identified in a timely manner; in the food service unit, law enforcement officers view the business license and disinfection compliance certification, and check out the food and beverage units to use The tableware qualification situation. According to Muping District Branch of the Food and Drug Supervision and Administration Deputy Director Pan Yong introduced Muping current license issued by the business sector, health sector sampling tableware disinfection companies qualified a total of three, namely: Ming Jie center cleaning and disinfection of utensils, Riel Department of Health and Health Services tableware disinfection clean tableware disinfection center. To remind law enforcement officers, such as consumer units in the district food service utensils found using non-qualified, may apply to the food and drug supervision departments and business sectors to report.