Liao joined the ribs restaurant meal in Zhengzhou first appearance business opp
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China (Zhengzhou) Food Festival and Food Industry Supply and Procurement Expo and Third International canned food and raw materials, machinery and equipment Fair (Expo meal) was at 9:00 on November 26 in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center was officially opened curtain. Fair exhibition area in the meal, all kinds of canned food, catering wares. Many businesses come up with their signature product for tourists to visit for free tasting. As a well-known restaurant chains such as Sichuan, Zhengzhou catering business representatives to join Liao show the signature dishes spiced ribs stewed pork ribs, Lu Ji feet, fragrance duck neck, in addition Bang Bang Chicken, original lung slices, pepper vines and other cold duck, Hong spicy fried food collection, variety, unique technology. Front of the car in some restaurants, the chefs demonstrate a variety of fast food cuisine cooking methods, to attract the attention of the franchisee. Meals during the fair, Zhengzhou shops catering staff to join Liao ribs on display a unique steaming brine fried sugar technology, Zhengzhou people feel the tradition of the ancient River close brine culture. The other side of the exhibition are a variety of food processing equipment. Part of the business to make customers feel more intuitive superiority of equipment in a live demonstration of the device features. Many food processing enterprises would like to take this meal Fair opportunity to update or add their own equipment. According to the owner of a canned food manufacturer introduced the company to purchase through this new batch of food Fair canned more advanced production equipment. To improve product quality and yield. The food expo also offers business opportunities for many people, a woman wants to join the catering industry, said: "I always wanted to open a restaurant, but now the restaurant brand too much, really bad choice. But In this exhibition, both to see the major food processing foods can also taste free of charge, can be very intuitive understanding of their characteristics, so that you can choose more suitable for their own food and beverage brand. "Liao join catering ribs, according to Zhengzhou owner introduction, choose to join in the dining Bo, then there will be some concessions joining fee, then choose to join Liao ribs is also a food festival on the chance encounter. In the crowd come to visit, there are many elderly people, not to buy equipment or join the shop. Aunt Wang, according to a description of her main purpose is to buy cheap and quality assurance of food there. She said: "There's cans, soy sauce, tomato sauce, cheaper than the supermarkets, although some did not much cheaper, but at least reliable." Many businesses used to taste before you buy approach to attract customers, many of booth Many elderly people gathered to buy. Some companies have even taken the initiative to explain how to distinguish between old pros and cons of the product. An old man said: "To come here, I'd had a few cars, but Caicai points today, and tomorrow come together with his wife grandchildren." It is understood that the meal covers seven major part of Fair, one of Zhengzhou food brand and the national food supply chain Famous showcase; Second, canned food and raw materials, machinery and equipment exhibition activities; third is the chef cooking Arts competition; Fourth is the identification and Performing cooking skills; five years will be canning industry in 2010; sixth annual food and beverage industry in 2010; seven food and beverage industry is the Central Plains Conference. It is reported that the meal is the first case in China Expo, Expo in Zhengzhou is expected to become the permanent host meal.