New Luo Kang Music Zone: Area restaurants annoying fumes into the
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Recently, the magazine received the Rock Recreation Area part a reflection of the owners, saying the area outside the hotel where the fumes emitted into the area from the trench, the air pollution district, in addition, the district where construction waste piling up everywhere, cleaning is not in place. The owners said they have talked to several property management personnel, are not yet effective solution. To this end, December 6, the reporter had visited the area on the recreation survey. Recreation area belong to the early development of the area, the reporter found in the district, the district has some stone bench stone tables and other fitness and recreation facilities, the surrounding green spaces are more plant species, maintenance of better. Aunt Liu told reporters that the owners, the property company has sent people to the area of the park weeding, watering, fertilization and other management, they are satisfied. But cleaning is not in place in many places, there is still a small amount of garbage left on the corner area. Reporter in the area in the corner near the door to see the construction of a landfill, the time has not been processed (see Figure). A high-rise living Lin D, the owners told reporters reflect his failure frequency of the corridor out of the elevator, there are a few people will be trapped inside, the elevator maintenance is relatively late, even to repair, but also to simply fix the elevator , not fundamentally solve the problem, in this corridor and out to cause great inconvenience to the owners. Reflect the many owners, community store front row of the restaurants smoke from the trench to the district, noon and evening hours, from the ditch is the fumes emitted into the nose, they had proposed to Mizoguchi will seal the property, but also to store reflect the times, all unsuccessful, I do not know why the delay in any deal. Recreation Area to see the reporter, cell doors have security gates and value in the post. According to security that, in order to prevent idlers wander in and out access and motorcycles, cell doors have been installed in the smart card door, the door card out of residential property owners accountable. Set the speed limit road building, Jin Ming, Jin Ting, and other traffic signs, vehicle parking and orderly, the basic can park at parking spaces. The left side of the door in the district, despite Jinting signs, but there are four private cars parked at random. Wu, the owners told a reporter, security vehicles usually have ease of access, but some relatively poor management of foreign vehicles, indiscriminate parking phenomenon, or have occurred. Reporter interviewed found that a lot of plot probe installed, the security of the district have to conduct patrols, but some owners reflects the owners or from time to time stolen motorcycle.