Intelligence "base" organization is planning to poison U.S. food and beverage
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According to "Daily Mail" reported on December 21, U.S. intelligence agencies recently issued a warning that the "base" organizations are planning against the United States "poison offensive" to the hotel, bar and cafeteria poisoning. U.S. Department of Homeland Security sources said the terrorists will choose the weekend, various locations in the United States put ricin or cyanide to cause panic. Those who ate the poisonous food would get sick first, and killed within a few days. Only a small amount of ricin, or cyanide, can kill a person. Poisoning plot terrorist attacks marked the change in the way, they started to give up favorite bomb attacks. The source said the mastermind behind the conspiracy poisoning is likely to be on the Arabian Peninsula, "base" branch. In October the organization was planning a "plane ink bomb." Although the attack did not succeed, but the organization of this new attack is still very satisfied with way, calling it "blood mobile" part. They claimed on the website: "with smaller, more frequent attacks against the enemy, the enemy will increase to an unbearable economic burden of this." Department of Homeland Security, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration have been dispatched capable staff, to form a coalition Safety Action Group to ensure the safety of food and beverage industry. St. John's University pharmacology professor Susan Ford said: "This looks like the initial attack of food poisoning, 250 mg of the poison can be deadly. It is necessary to understand the public reaction to food poisoning, the first time that whether the poison attacks by terrorists. "