Chen Liqun of president of 1 million manorial groups
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Interview a hand to write down: The reporter interviews meal of Beijing Olympic Games to serve trader as agreed upon the time of Chen Liqun of president of 1 million manorial groups, will be April by chance fire of emperor of Olympic Games of defend of Chinese of whole world of the middle ten days of a month, safeguard motherland dignity cry tall hour, many Chinese appeal “ supports home products in succession from this, be developed more and make better native product, respect oneself, esteem compatriots, do not worship foreign things ” . After such cry and reporter interview Chen Liqun experience interweave together, let a reporter give birth to deep feeling suddenly. Undoubted, chen Liqun and his the ” of 1 million “ cold chain that manorial place is engaged in match eat career, it is Mi Zuzhen is expensive for the innovation that serves industry to Chinese meal and development, feed what character measures safe system to build to China also have the sense that is different from common. But regretful is, its commendable value had be notted know by more person place. Regard the China with a not special and abundant actual strength as civilian battalion enterprise, change to drive what compatriots matchs food concept, make culture of brand-new meal of science and technology, 1 million manorial the condition that still is in some kind of an isolated force to fight bravely up to now.
The secret weapon ” of “ Beijing Olympic Games -- 1 million manorial shift distribute dining car
In November 2006, all along with outstanding innovation celebrated, once with “ manorial fertilizer bovine ” build up, first enter the subway to execute chain to manage, the cogongrass before manorial hamburger of production resides countrywide sales volume 8 years continuously and first obtain international meal what the group joins in attestation and technology support is famous civilian battalion enterprise 1 million manorial groups, in the contest mark that serves trader in meal of Beijing Olympic Games, with a few companies such as group of Beijing head brigade win the bid together, it is the Western-style food company that home becomes Olympic Games meal exclusively to serve trader. On June 9, 2006, 1 million manorial held “ shift to match dining car to develop successful ” press conference, revealed its to the public first the “ shift of own research and development matchs dining car ” . This anew model those who distribute dining car come out, aroused the strong interest of domestic and international media immediately, all sorts of reports are uninterrupted, 3 TV stations of Japanese such as NHK come to Beijing to interview on a special trip, weighing its is the secret weapon ” of “ Beijing Olympic Games, media of England, France also comes round to interview for many times, the program is resonant after France broadcasts intense, many French audiences send a letter to call France relevant TV platform scale: “ Chinese is too marvelous! ”
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