Wu Guojiang of limited company of meal of Jiangsu aunt boiled dumpling
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The boss of ” of “ aunt boiled dumpling is not Wu Daniang. The president of limited company of meal of Jiangsu aunt boiled dumpling that has become a reporter to should spend official holds general manager Wu Guojiang concurrently, with 7 years of time, ” of “ aunt boiled dumpling from Jiangsu Changzhou city the chophouse of a 25 square metre, make it spread all over Jiangsu, Shanghai, northerly Beijing reachs the brand of Chinese style snack of overseas market set out. The company has 150 straight battalion to interlink inn now, still cannot weigh the old from the number probably, but, if all,business of current Chinese style snack undertakes comparative, ” of “ aunt boiled dumpling is one of companies that have energy most undoubtedly.
Detail decides everything
1996, ” of “ aunt boiled dumpling still is the small shop of a 25 square metre only, those who manage is the Chinese style snack of rice noodle and so on. Wu Guojiang says, accidental reason, his inn sells went up boiled dumpling, the business had very good show instantly.
Wu Guojiang boiled dumpling make it at present the most successful Chinese style snack on the market, its recipe is: Quantify each detail.
One of duty that the general manager Shenyang of limited company of boiled dumpling of aunt of profit of branch Beijing overhead stalks or branch, be often perambulatory run a state with what check store of door of place administer area. Recently, he resembled an average customer walking into inn of front door of Beijing of aunt boiled dumpling euqally.
Be have dinner rush hour, nobody notices the deadbeat of full hall he. He pretends in a corner of the dining-room that coordinate appearance stands in 80 square metre, looked a little while on four sides, next beck asks an air hostess to grow inn cried. He asks this subordinate says, the guest of 26 desks had taken a handleless cup 3 minutes, why still clear away the table clean without the person?
Need inside 3 minutes at most clear remains of a meal and had used dinner service from table, this is the regulation of proclaimed in writing of the company. The company has one the department is large amount to 300 much pages " administrative manual " , involve the “ that makes sure product standards and quality are constant to standardize ” content among them, if every 10 kilograms of stuffing are used,every 6 1 bag of condiment, dumpling weigh tare of every 6 120 grams, dumpling 55 grams, from the client dot eat arrives on food desk must not exceed 10 minutes, the cleaner foreword that brushs a piece of table to should be abided by, .
Shen Ke says: We had known “ a secret, that is detail decides everything. ”
Shen Ke says, supplier of snack of Chinese style of Chinese new generation and go up generation is different, had imitated Mcdonald's and Kendeji simply from formally, idea no longer, begin hard to seek the industrialized way of Chinese style snack however, so that the effectively snack market with huge country of race to control.
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