Blessing of Wen Qi of president of reputation of group of Guangzhou restaurant i
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-- blessing of Wen Qi of president of reputation of group of Guangzhou restaurant industry interviews memoir
Character setting: Lukewarm pray blessing, vice director of supervision board of union of cooking of China of vice-chairman of association of cooking of president of group of Guangzhou restaurant industry, China, world, whole nation is outstanding award of entrepreneur gold ball, whole nation model worker of 51 labor medal, whole nation.
1984, lukewarm pray blessing receives Shuai Yin of palm Guangzhou wineshop. His acute meaning is begged change, be brave in to reform, olden name spurt gives out new vitality, established Guangzhou wineshop really correctly to be in Guangzhou the position of ” of “ hand-hold portable telephone of catering trade.
Cover a segment one:
Reporter: ” of old name of a few “ was immersed in predicament now, guangzhou wineshop why so “ flourishing ” ?
Lukewarm pray blessing: The times changed, if continue old thinking, regular meeting downhill, so old name anything but can by rule, the train of thought that gets tribal chief especially wants with when all is entered, with “ 10 thousand change ” should “ 100 change ” . At the beginning of 80 time, guangzhou feeds inn to jump, guangzhou wineshop is dim below the concussion of foreign capital hotel blank, do not reform have sit still waiting for death only, reform is revitalized only outlet.
Borrow money to the bank millions of yuan, undertake be decoratinged in the round mixing to Guangzhou wineshop beautification, from this we walked out of the first pace of reform, narrowed from environment and hardware establishment the distance with foreign capital hotel. Subsequently, we groomed again the young casual with a batch of better figure, replace old stuff to hold the position of a clerk. The Guangzhou wineshop that look brand-new got the client's welcome. Hardware went up, software is returned so that catch up with. We ponder hard, abolish long-standing abuse, revise a new system. Through the reform of bold and resolute, guangzhou restaurant business is increasingly thriving, the client is like tide reputably, take the lead in developing a tight encirclement in state-owned catering trade eventually, be on resurgence.
Reporter: Reform may be successful, from now on the future is like bright and beautiful; The likelihood fails, from now on cannot recover after a setback. Had you worried?
Lukewarm pray blessing: Reform undertakes below competitive condition, can do not have a risk how, but if dare not assume a risk, also do not have Guangzhou wineshop today, say to should move when this skill so. Reform, it is to succeed to still cross a ship, basically see you whether the enthusiasm that moves a person, inside same time, create more wealth than others. Reform at the beginning, we decorate wineshop 4 million yuan in the round to bank loan, in case Qian Huaguang, do business go up not to go, consequence will be unimaginable. My think hard: How to make ” of every “ Beng produces the biggest effect. For managing capital, ourselves design is decorated, oneself purchase building materials, oneself organize construction management; To accelerate plan, our seize every minute, day and night hardworking. Come so, spent time of half an year merely, decorate a project comprehensive complete. We adjust dish type and price in time again, with excellent service, gained the client's favour, the turnover of Guangzhou wineshop grows continuously, the result shifts to an earlier date 6 months paid off loan. Say so, should dare to unlock wrestle of hands or feet one wrestle.
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