President of green mattress cabinet holds president Lin Xin concurrently
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The presiding stylist of Western-style food of Lin Xin Chinese style

Lin Xin brief introduction
Meal of cabinet of Guangzhou city green mattress interlinks limited company president to hold a president concurrently, hold the position of Guangzhou city at the same time dozenth a variety of societies such as vice-chairman of association of Western-style food of city of vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of enterprise of battalion of vice director of council of major of Western-style food of association of cooking of a delegate of National People's Congress, China, Guangzhou civilian, Guangzhou post.
Lin Xin ana
Health is manner of a kind of life, the way of life that I enjoy is a kind active up feeling, constitute a kind of health toward ability of this direction development, of sunshine, up manner.
As the leading person of an enterprise, oneself health transmits a kind of information, the “ that represents a company enrages ” . If others feels your health is bad, the “ gas ” of that enterprise can break down come down.
The limited company of chain of meal of cabinet of Guangzhou city green mattress of administer of Lin Xin place is one of companies of China's biggest Western-style food chain, held water 1989. Begin from 2002, the office of Western-style food of ” of cabinet of “ green mattress that its run is judged to be meal of “ whole nation continuously ” of 100 strong companies, the title of ” of boutique of “ China meal that has the honor to win Chinese cooking association to award. 2004, be judged to be Guangdong of ” of 100 optimal characteristic dining-room, “ to save famous label ” . 2005, be judged to be battalion of “ Guangzhou citizen by Guangzhou municipal government meal of Guangzhou of ” of 100 strong companies, “ ” of enterprise of 10 beautiful brand, be judged to be 2005 year China by Chinese chain management association “ of outstanding and concessionary brand provides ” of award of brand of development latent capacity most.
Current, ” of cabinet of “ green mattress created store of 23 straight battalion in Guangdong province, Beijing, city of countrywide other province created store of 20 Yu Jiajia alliance, its are straight battalion inn year turnover is amounted to 300 million multivariate, have food 20 thousand many, VIP member many 100 thousand, the customer that serves every year amounts to above of 700 much person-time, held the market share of above of half of Guangzhou Western-style food.
And ” of cabinet of “ green mattress obtains great achievements of such again and again, he Linxin's elaborate design is not divided.
Design direction of management -- sell Chinese style Western-style food
At the beginning of 80 time, only astral class hotel just has Guangzhou to be mixed normally authentic Western-style food hall, because amount to estimates exiguous, value costly, because this client symbolizes what can enjoy Western-style food to perceive a kind of identity to astral class hotel. The hotel of partial star class of Guangzhou, edifice of trade of cafe of if China is big guesthouse of hotel, white swan, Oriental guesthouse, garden, nation, according to the requirement of hotel of 5 stars class, the cooking raw material that introduces Western-style food of foreign nationality total hutch, entrance and flavoring, run high-grade traditional and authentic Western-style food. End 80 time end at the beginning of 90 time, because Western-style food industry still is in the altar that the noble changes to go up, integral picture is not hot, still invest Western-style food without overmuch person. However, after the Lin Xin that prepares to invest meal analyses a case, issued determination secretly however, want office of a Western-style food.
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