Hangzhou knows flavour to watch general manager Meng Yabo
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Decide traditional meal outlet truly, it is management train of thought. Gazette reporter interviewed ” recently when Hangzhou knows flavour to watch, general manager Meng Yabo says so.
Hardware investment is development cornerstone

“ meal is an industry that need hardware supports, dining-room environment is affecting the repast of consumer to experience greatly. ” Meng Yabo is being interviewed in without preamble, he tells a gazette the reporter, of a lot of old names disappear, throw inadequacy with hardware, or touch on the influence that tears open the element such as change is concerned. And know flavour to watch a just and these the element does not have a predestined relationship.

As we have learned, view knowing ingredient values hardware investment very much all the time. Special 1997, view knowing ingredient throws 20 million yuan, build registered office enlarge the meal store with Hangzhou hardware top-ranking establishment. The view knowing ingredient after extend, differentiate by floor different management project, got used to the demand of different consumer, attracted many domestic and international tourist, be profuse in praise to its. These lay next good foundations to know flavour to watch the following progress.

The “ of view knowing ingredient is small basket the characteristic such as double ” of happiness of ” of ” , “ cat ear, “ is fastfood accompanied person of a few acting Hangzhou grow, it is certain to also have in the whole nation famous degree. Meanwhile, dish and mug-up are the another hardware base that view knowing ingredient expands. The view knowing ingredient of one's early years with traditional and fastfood, mug-up famed. But, as standard of living rise ceaselessly, the taste of consumer also is changing ceaselessly. At this moment view knowing ingredient realizes soberly, it defending a few kinds of old products is very difficult to defending a few kinds of old products tarry client.

What “ knows flavour to watch at present is fastfood, already from before 30 a variety of addition go to 80 a variety of. In dish type respect, view knowing ingredient is in pay attention to the authentic tunnel that maintains traditional name course while, also absorb an advantage from Western-style dish ceaselessly, development gives the new-style cooked food that a lot of consumer like. ” Meng Yabo says proudly.
Chain is managed more demand of press close to

Have the old name of nearly hundred years history as, brand of view knowing ingredient has its natural advantage -- the good public praise that accumulates for years and extensive famous degree. But one tastes what list price is worth to reflect, more returning is to should see the market. Meng Yabo expresses: “ is in early on century 80 time, view knowing ingredient gives an enterprise of Beijing to manage the sign with respect to the attempt, the market that this gives view knowing ingredient later period is developed accumulated experience. ”
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