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Sheep of “ small fertilizer has old ideal. ”6 month 12 days, limited company of group of small fat sheep hangs out his shingle formally in Hong Kong bourse. One face is in president Zhang Gang simple and honestly such say when ceremonially makes a speech.
This is one trots all the way from llano the “ of Hong Kong is small fat sheep ” . Open the first store from 1999, to the time that appears on the market to still be less than 9 years. Young lamb all the way bumpy, be filled with exultation at the same time. Zhang Gang of “ goatherd ” also achieves what one wishes, received the new starting point of his career.
Meng Niu appears on the market nerve of ” of exciting “ goatherd
On June 10, 2004, meng Niu breeds course of study appears on the market formally in Hong Kong, make these people that raise an ox to sell a milk, conspicuous “ multimillionaire ” or “ millionaire ” were become between one night.
After knowing this news, bovine seat Huhhot is cheated in the distance only 200 lis Baotou, zhang Gang does not take the president of small fat sheep, he plan already the “ of for a long time appears on the market ” idea mentions program formally to come up.
This year, small fat sheep has founded 6 years, and get the special honour of Chinese well-known logo. But unfortunate is, more consumer is puzzled so that have no way differentiates by sheep of small fertilizer of true and false. ” of “ false sheep besides in nominally imitate, still go up in image, on English, the brand of small even fat sheep still is used on all sorts of products outside be not chaffy dish, for instance slipper.
Of Meng Niu appear on the market to let Zhang Gang awareness thoroughly, small fat sheep also should be passed as soon as possible appear on the market a brand standardization, such ability are done more for a long time.
Establishing before small fat Yang Zhi, still going up the Zhang Gang of ability school is mixed young associate people place the ground to spread out together, do small business. Graduation hind returns buy in and sell at a profit to cross dress later, had sold a mobile phone. Still lean the time that iron rice bowl-a secure job has a meal in that youth, zhang Gang already swam in business sea a retrievable arrow with a string attached to it, and be very happy with it.
Feel in the profession that does not have correlation in these just about climb boil dozen, make Zhang Gang experienced good eye of commerce. When he develops initial stage to select inn site for small fat sheep later, turn to any cities circuit, can know small fat sheep the fixed position in this city, optional location, can take out basic and true plan instantly.
Send to pull a talent to expert
Zhang Gang is mixed this kind to sensitive, judgement of commerce comprehension, be in old later, still be sighed to be inferior to oneself by subordinate. Admire person one of, it is Zhang Gang should come over from Meng Niu “ the love of ” Lu Wenbing, namely current the president of small fat sheep, be carried technically to arrange the issue that appear on the market.
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