Head of Chengdu Tan fish invests Tan Changan of company general manager
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“ enterprise was brought up, government also must change subsequently. Not be we want so do, it is market demand we so do. ”Tan Changan of general manager of Inc. of investment of head of Chengdu Tan fish explains investment is huge so and the ” of “ number chaffy dish that is fried to get dynamic by media.
On December 22, 2004, the 3rd branch that ” of head of “ Tan fish is in Hong Kong is in course of study of reopen of grand of pointed sanded mouth, this is ” of head of “ Tan fish the 122nd branch.
From Chengdu the 400 small shop of smooth rice, go to Beijing, to Taiwan, to Hong Kong, tan Changan used 8 years of time, his target is the ” of local set up shop that “ has demand in global any.
Layout appears on the market
“ appears on the market the plan is in surely 2005 first half of the year. Hong Kong does poineering work board do not have too much limitation to company of Hong Kong this locality, should have embellish of outstanding achievement of 3 years of gain, 3 annual interest to achieve above of 8 million HK dollar only two conditions, had appear on the market qualification. We are had already completely now appear on the market condition. ” once ” of head of “ Tan fish appears on the market successfully, it appears on the market those who make concept of first pure meal of domestic company.
June 2001, 990 thousand dollar of investment of ” of head of “ Tan fish is registered in Hong Kong establish ” of group of head of fish of Tan of “ Hong Kong. Ever since, appear personally by this company, be in in succession set up shop of Hong Kong, Taiwan. “(is in Hong Kong) the target of set up shop is to appear on the market. ” Tan Changan says. Appear on the market to succeed, hong Kong company is pressed at the beginning appear on the market the standard framework of the company, financial and advisory firm also gets involved already.
After Hong Kong company holds water, tan Changan begins forward oneself target stride. September 2002, ” of head of “ Tan fish and Taiwan make Inc. of coal tub industry invest 30 million yuan of RMB jointly, tan Yu head left in Taiwan;2003 of inn of the first chaffy dish year in July, ; of start business of store of young of bay of Hong Kong of Tan fish head at the beginning of this year, in the 2nd inn of Hong Kong- - flourishing horn inn also opens the door pay customer.
After “ appears on the market, hong Kong company had abundant capital actual strength, can be its abroad dilate levels road. ” Tan Changan says.
Economy of service of place of finance and trade of courtyard of Chinese company division and Song Ze of vice-president of meal industry research center appear on the market to Tan Yu head give height the opinion. He says, if Tan Yu head appears on the market successfully, walked out of a new way for meal industry financing undoubtedly. This only pure meal inevitable meeting is brought for other person of the same trade inspire and invigorate.
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