Liu Xin: "Little potato " bring up meal to interlink millions upon millions plut
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Story Liu of the boss is new, of Chinese meal course of study get one of military thing, own property 186 million yuan, commodity intangible assets makes an appointment with 156 million yuan. The limited company of meal of ” of “ little potato that he assumes president already developed to have branch of 5 store of more than 130 chain, areas, the meal that give is judged in association of restaurant of association of meal of Chinese trade union, China, China 100 strong in rank 5. However, 12 years ago, liu Xin still is an off-duty workers, for bread, rush about every day at selling food, sell a fish, selling dress …… worker of this come off sentry duty is how to do ” of “ little potato big, those who become a millions upon millions rich and powerful person?
Little potato comes out
1989, company of Shenyang city fuel 24 years old assemble and unassemble come off sentry duty of ” of misfortune of “ of labour Liu Xin. He what already got married for bread, solder a “ rides asinine ” , sell food in the market, sell a fish, carry dress. After two years, he uses 7000 yuan of fund that assemble comes down, with the wife Jin Xiuyi begins to do dress business, change his profession again before long do fruit business, but do sth over and over again a few months, also did not make money. Because Liu Xin is ” of “ cooking hotshot, jin Xiuyi also learned to make small pickles old steamed twisted roll with the mother as a child, finally, they discuss to decide an a slap-bang shop. Such, bend of Liu new husband and wife is used up all, domestic cold noodle shop opened in Taiyuan street. But be less than a year, they not only 7000 yuan of investment complete compensate go in, still owed many external debt.
For repay a debt, liu Xin is forced to return to old trade, the tricycle on pedal, sell food everywhere, sell a fish, sell watermelon …… but the idea that Liu Xin did not abandon reopen restaurant, he is thinking all the time: Others can be done, why can I have a deficit? When sending dish, he begins ground of idea of evil spirit cost and boss of of all kinds restaurant to pull close to, cover knack of doing business. Be in gradually in learn and be being accumulated, liu Xin discovered a law: Always have the hotel of management characteristic, the business is very good do, and run bad store, do not have a characteristic for the most part, do not have oneself advocate make product distinguishing feature! He decides inn of serve a meal of return Taiyuan street. Liu Xin valued Taiyuan market 11 house. This is the restaurant that a boss opens Heilongjiang, he is worn urgently should return old home. The room that Liu Xin leaves him to live with parents makes pledge, that restaurant add come down. Later, he east borrow on the west medley 3000 yuan of money, employed a few people, whitewashed wall, purchased 4 pieces of table, of inn of face of Xiaoleng of this entitle Lin Yuan small feed inn to open business, attracted all directions with substantial, clean, enthusiasm guest.
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