True kongfu meal interlinks mark of group president Cai Da
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The target of Cai Da mark is: The “ Mcdonald's ” that does him Chinese. Hu Xuebai of our newspaper reporter is photographed

Do poineering work piece
The person that knows Cai to amount to mark may be not much still, but in Xidan bazaar, new world, east new scope of operation, double bring the flourishing business such as bazaar circle, beijing citizen perhaps tastes ” of “ true kongfu first already. One from the boy that takes south mountain, set out from Pearl River delta and rise abruptly quickly, make it let “ foreign snack people the Chinese style snack that ” feels accident the first brand -- true kongfu, and begin large-scale Xiang Mai when fatigue, Kendeji collect the ground -- and other places of Beijing, Shanghai marchs, the target of Cai Da mark is: The “ Mcdonald's ” that does him Chinese.
Prosperous nation edge small shop
I had bought a book when “ is very small, the name cries " the myth of Mcdonald's " ” , the Cai of gentle adn cultivated amounts to mark to tell a reporter, it is the destiny that this book changed him. This book basically is the angle from standardization discusses Mcdonald's to be in the myth of global dilate, can a kind of what kind of snack is Mcdonald's after all? The intuitionistic impression with Cai Da original and only sign is the about Mcdonald's advertisement in Hong Kong TV station piece.
Go up century at the beginning of 90 time, the first inn is in Mcdonald's China inland Shenzhen practice, cai Da mark hurry to for a short while sample, and by the picture place of huge crowd of people shakes at that time, he begins to look forward to the meal cause that has his ……
I myself like “ very much eat, also like to consider to eat very much, the person austral Fujian likes to have the thing of evaporate very much, taste not only delicious, and can maintain alimental nutrition to be not destroyed, more important is evaporate this kind of means also has what can duplicate to go qualitative. Such ” thought is in in brain after flash, excited unceasingly Cai Da mark and the ideal that Yu Hai mentioned the good friend Pan that becomes his wife's elder brother later to make Chinese style snack, won the support of the Pan Yu Hai that is born at family of Hong Kong large kitchen immediately.
Say to work, two people arrive first each are big the hotel goes ordering dishes, sample their dish is tasted, how is considering machined, next oneself again research and development. April 1994, in Dongguan Chang'an town, cai amounts to the 168 evaporate of mark to taste snack store start business, and the predecessor that this also is ” of “ true kongfu.
Evaporate comes out all food in small shop. Be located in a country the 168 evaporate of path edge taste soup of meal of evaporate of snack merchant battalion, evaporate and sweetmeats. Storefront is very small, employee also has 4 only, but pay attention to makings of true material fact, delicate nutrition, attracted the driver of car of Hong Kong crate of associate with above all, these drivers return discovery, with big public house the soup of evaporate of former handleless cup of flavour likeness is in price of this small shop is low however half. Especially midday, come to the Hong Kong of this have dinner crate driver in an endless stream, the lorry stopped in the country to discharge long dragon on the road, “168” also because of this fame big shock.
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