Jiang Junxian: Make Chinese meal the first brand
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Mention Quan Jude, nobody do not know, unmanned not dawn. This only then the old name business that was built 1864 is famous in China and foreign countries with roast duck. Advanced before long, quan Jude still is judged to be Number One Scholar of brand of Chinese meal course of study with 8.458 billion yuan brand value. On annual meeting of small in the 2004 Beijing that held a few days ago current company, the reporter covered Chinese Beijing Quan Jude group Jiang Junxian of president of finite liability company, general manager. Because Jiang Junxian just was elected recently,be new Beijing chain manages association chairman, also chairing a meeting about concessionary chain that day, our topic also is mentioned from chain above all.
Reporter (“ of the following abbreviation writes down ” ) : You are elected recently for new Beijing chain manages association chairman, quan Jude also begins chain to manage old, how does look upon chain manage you?
Jiang Junxian (” of ginger of “ of the following abbreviation) : I groomed along with Chinese entrepreneur 1988 the group goes during study of American attend in a advanced studies, the enterprise that discovers the United States relies on concessionary chain to manage obtain rapid development. After coming back from the United States, I produced will concessionary chain to manage the idea that introduces Chinese meal to serve industry. After I worked to Quan Jude 1993, in beginning to will interlink a concept to introduce Quan Jude's development, through the preparation with much half an year, quan Jude began formal sortie first half of the year 1994 concessionary chain domain. Quan Jude also becomes Chinese meal course of study to begin the earliest to pursue one of companies that chain runs accordingly.
The macroscopical environment at that time is not to suit to begin chain to manage very much, most person is mixed to chain concessionary never heard of before, a lot of employee that include us also support distrustful attitude to this. Examined a lot of data at that time, after the experience that understood Kendeji, Mcdonald's, begin to have exploration and practice. The fact proves mode of this kind of development is correct. Now, concessionary chain runs development of company of estate of the Xiaoshang in been become and outspread mainstream way.
Look from the amount, the concessionary system amount of our country discharges alive bound front row. But in fact, current and concessionary run this side, chinese enterprise is very puerile still, waiting for a respect to exist from pattern of standard, system, management, control problem.
Write down: Quan Jude develops so successful today, how had gone? What success recipe is there?
Ginger: Quan Jude's success results from history of 140 years above all, had had before doing chain to manage quite tall famous degree.
Premier Zhou ever explained ” of “ Quan Jude incisively for “ complete and without be short of, get together and do not come loose, the ” on Ren Dezhi, this is the management concept that Quan Jude always is gone after and takes. Different of course history period, the pattern that management concept reflects also can have different intention. Operator is having Quan Jude's past dynasties to do poineering work difficultly, a bit proceed with and the spirit that innovate ceaselessly. Quan Jude's person does everything to want to contend for the first. Culture of this kind of company is having crucial effect to succeeding.
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