The leading sheep of Chinese meal
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China is industrial and commercial times
The countrywide meal that by center of news of trade of union of trade of Chinese cooking association, China, China from 2002 3 combination release in 100 strong companies, ” of small fat sheep ranks “ again the 2nd, the first it is to have Kendeji and surely win of the guest 100 get the better of a group. With respect to Chinese meal, ” of sheep of “ small fertilizer has become the leading sheep of Chinese meal. (A thousand pieces of gold buys an ox hard to turn round I do not need to hesitate again)
Why is the meal tycoon of and other places of the old edge dumpling of the Tan Yu head of the Quan Jude of Beijing, Chengdu, Shenyang and Shanghai, Guangdong inside 3 years of time by “ was  of small fat sheep swung at the back aloof? A lot of hundred years old store that is in China and new brand emerge in endlessly, contention of a hundred schools of thought when, why does the ” of sheep of “ small fertilizer that comes from Inner Mongolia become the first of Chinese meal?
The “ that is by the side of strong loose bridge is small store of flagship of fat sheep ” , the reporter saw patriarch of ” of sheep of “ small fertilizer Mr Zhang Gang. This is accept of a “ Yu Yan, quick the fellow at travel ” , the likelihood is the shop of small fat sheep that is risked by copy do some are tired outly, the path of the management that speaks of ” of sheep of “ small fertilizer comes, he can give meal of a China completely to interlink the schoolbook of the enterprise. (Analyse mainstream capital real purpose, discovery is optimal gain profit opportunity! Discovery is optimal gain profit opportunity!!
Inner Mongolia brought up ” of sheep of “ small fertilizer
Zhang Gang thinks he pursues meal trade is accidental purely, look at the friend beside to be in itch to try, nowhere does it, he himself engineered the meal business of Inner Mongolia of a base oneself upon. This is one is less than 300 those who make the same score rice is individual small shop, held water in August 1999, hospitality of Inner Mongolia person, honest, the hotpot of Inner Mongolia is the world absolutely go up best, also be most distinctive, doing this Zhang Gang to think to make money is inevitable, a doggerel cheats inside circulate: What the unconscious sheep inside “ eats is amino acid, those who drink is mineral water; Uric is fluid of profess to convinced, those who pull is ” of Chinese herbal medicine. According to Introduction Zhang Gang: Flesh of ” of sheep of “ small fertilizer chooses sheep of stannic alliance fat end in those days kid flesh is machined meticulously for raw material, its flesh entrance slips tender, long rinse is not old. Soup is a variety of 60 excellent and nourishing dressing move exchange through experimenting for many times and become.
The sheep browses is to have cultured very much, it won't be in same the place has same kind of grass, this enhanced the diversity of nutrient composition greatly, only such Inner Mongolia llano just can have the world's top-ranking sheep, it is OK to had top-ranking Yang Cai generation world's top-ranking cate. The quality of “ sheep is a foundation, the sincere letter that be an upright person is crucial ” more, this is “ of Zhang Gang summary the life that ” of small fat sheep succeeds is comprehended.
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