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[Business circles is online] : We welcome Chongqing heart village today be a guest of industrial group president Mr Li Dejian our business circles is online every day direct seeding column, mr Li, hello!
[Heart of honored guest plum builds] : Hello!
[Business circles is online] : I want to ask, before you are turning to do heart village chaffy dish all right, you still regard as teacher, had become mechanical factory director, experience the transition that passes for many times. Can you say the experience that says you?
[Heart of honored guest plum builds] : Good. I had become 18 years of teachers, 91, 92 years when.
[Business circles is online] : In Chongqing it is one class teacher, yes?
[Heart of honored guest plum builds] : Yes, be in 35 in, it is one class teacher. At that time my height 3, became 18 years of teachers, I feel to wanted to break through. My this individual has a bit to translate interest, want to new thing ability stimulates me, I want to become other issues.
[Heart of honored guest plum builds] : But there is old slogan on school wall at that time -- “ thought wants more liberate a bit, courage is a bit greater, pace is a bit faster ” . The speech of the make one's rounds austral Deng Xiaoping has an article to call “ Oriental wind full spring ” .
[Heart of honored guest plum builds] : Spring ” . I at that time is the youngest one class teacher, the first each moves go into business.
[Business circles is online] : Await go into business in those days, all round how look upon this thing?
[Business circles is online] : Antagonistic person is very much, they do not understand. Does he say you are become well one class teacher how go into business? Others cannot find the job, you are so good a school works, what does go into business do? Have a lot of controversy.
[Business circles is online] : Does that moment family member object?
[Heart of honored guest plum builds] : Family also has object, but father does not object, because I depict this blue print, they feel OK still.
[Business circles is online] : Has there been blue print at that time?
[Heart of honored guest plum builds] : Have blue print. Because the capital of 80 time Hong Kong came in, they are capitalist societies, capitalist owns his villa, big plant, have a lot of workers, there is servant to wait inside the home. I think at that time of China changing undertake changing toward this respect actually, want to have private property, oneself can build a plant, do industrial. What I imagine at that time is this kind of circumstance, so must go into business will do. At that time my iron heart, I also without giving thought to the opposition of others, oneself still have idea at that time, if go into business does not have money, that should work? Be done at that time with to interest.
92 years when, the person inside the city did not consider him meeting hungry abdomen, perhaps wear without the dress, there is not this concept at that time, 92 years when should not hungry abdomen.
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