2008 who will challenge foreign meal brand?
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Since Mcdonald's since Kendeji enters China, the impetus that throws with mad advertisement, the snack market of occupational China. Numerous Chinese brand contest does not have one adversary. Retreat in defeat in succession, vacate fecund market share.
Chinese Olympic Games made the world more thorough 2008 the ground knows China, home market internationalization as economy open will strengthen further. Competition will be more intense. Meal course of study of China falls in force of double weigh of inside and outside, what course to follow? Why is ethical characteristic meal contended for sharp edge the market? Inside information deep Chinese meal was to lose energy after all, still turn management without the brand?
The food of Chinese tradition with maigre give priority to, nutrient structure is the world's accepted the most reasonable level, why didn't Chinese meal resemble foreign brand however same publicity?
A word: Without the brand. With the product of Chinese numerous enterprise, without the brand, although quality is very good, can make treatment segment only, do for other marry clothes!
But from another angle for, foreign brand can not replace Chinese brand, food of the Chinese nation has the power that overturns hard, the key is in how to be cast off at meal enterprise blundering, dig traditional elite, beautiful performance is made in respect of get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh. Accordingly, domestic enterprise also is in brew, also trying, what do sell not to sell the pattern that gives distinguishing feature. Deepness digs traditional food characteristic, form literate the brand of connotation. It is the competitor that should challenge home not just, the meal bound trend that will lead China more is new brilliant. Among them food crops big Tang Zheng is such one side banner, become resist the firm rock in midstream of foreign brand.
Food crops is big the Tang Dynasty it is the pioneer inside the industry, drive the market through developing branch way, the wing of Xiang Yu the Conqueror of cake of steamed bread of corn of subordinate 8 give up, husband's father and mother, the Western Regions that bake is the setting that digs the history in deepness etc below, emerge as the times require. Lead high-tech innovation, executive standardization manages, efficiency, quality all is amounted to top-ranking. Devote into food crops big the Tang Dynasty, made the premise of fast and duplicate market and requirement, and culture connotation highlights idea of know clearly China further.
The mode that big Tang Yilian locks up food crops, advance Xiang Yu the Conqueror of the Western Regions to bake cake of steamed bread of corn of wing, 8 give up, husband's father and mother respectively. Protect a trademark with technical advantage, 3 products have distinguishing feature each. Traditional product of China, the commercial pattern of grafting west, be sure invincible.
Meal industry of China rises in the world, will be national condition of base oneself upon, successive tradition, get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh it is duely, be like this only, ability forms the chain of another driving industry that challenges world economy!
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