Western-style meal, capture brunt to consume a layer
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VERBATIM quotation
Western-style food, it is to going for the personage of fashionable forward position not unfamiliar. Regard Chinese meal as the exotic of the market, its comfortable stress lets person exclaim. Nowadays, western-style food blends in the life culture of social mainstream crowd already quickly. Can grip social mainstream market, nature also can have wide market perspective.
Today meal market of China, western-style meal had become the backbone force that cannot ignore. Their higher investment return rate, also be to entice a lot of investor to join in Western-style meal tastes the main reason of the card, but what people often sees is the sizable gain after Western-style meal is successful, what must say is, the Chinese meal with Western-style more traditional meal is in pre-construction, need more sufficient preparation to shop optional location from capital. We chose what relatively mature Western-style meal develops at present on Shanghai to join in the brand offers reference today.
100 be fond of especially
Brand overview
100 be fond of meaning type to interlink meal especially, already opened restaurant of 2 straight battalion in Shanghai at present. 100 be fond of a hope to rely on existing and good brand and product especially, develop restaurant straight battalion, join in, deserve to send a service. Advance construction of contemporary company system actively, establish a company to expand a base continuously with talent strategy, direct with the market seek greater progress space, it is dominant in order to make famous brand of meal company throughout the country, form company business characteristic, for investor seek most golden eggs.
Join in advantage
Brand fixed position is relatively clear, product market space is larger, suit to be in develop urban set up shop. The company manages a departmental door person in charge to having rich industry experience. Can think the person that join in provides professional and active support service.
Join in condition
Have particular capital actual strength, investment amount is controlled in 2 million yuan, join in among them gold 150 thousand yuan, bail 100 thousand yuan. Have the appropriate store that 300 square metre control.
Storefront optional location
1, group of urban mainstream trade is first selection.
2, urban mainstream business encircles radiation area advocate on the passageway.
3, floor of group of urban mainstream trade does not have special requirement, inside area of radiate of mainstream trade group advocate passageway 1F 2F, pure perhaps 1F.
4, area 300-400 square metre.
5, the layer is 3 meters tall above.
6, power demand 150kw, gas requirement 103.
Join in clew
Investment dimensions is taller, and shop area demand is bigger, more sensitive to stream of people, so appropriate business shop searchs harder, and at present the hire of nice a sector of an area often is taller. The person that join in accordingly should calculate good investment return rate, have investment according to his fund condition.
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