Olympic Games meal feeds course of study of meal of the Xiang Ruishi that taste
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From BOCOG understanding arrives, olympic Games of the Beijing before this appoints meal course of study to ever expedited delegacy to go to the meal industry of the city such as world of Swiss Basel, Su Li, Geneva to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, right the flesh of Basel kind products arrives from farm shambles, and even of freezer store wait for every link to be examined carefully, inquiry, and with go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures of have an informal discussion of person of the same trade.

In Geneva ” of group of travel of general to “ Switzerland notarization undertakes visitting making an on-the-spot investigation during, wait with respect to the superintendency act of aspect of food sanitation security spread out development communication. Beijing Olympic Games assigns meal job nowadays not only the “ fine exceedingly that 100 % use ”(ICAC) of “ international Codex Alimentarius Commission to make produces normative standard ”(GMP) , the safe standard of wholesome state HCE that establishs with this, all trades that every involves provision of meal of Beijing Olympic Games travel together to Swiss meal course of study dress, establish what superintend food sanitation safety strictly to serve as his of course of study this.

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