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In " detail decides success or failure " there are a paragraph of such words in this book: “ Mount Taishan not refus fine soil, reason can become his tall; Jiang Hai not choose brooklet, reason can with respect to its deep. ” so, great gift not decline is small let, detail decides success or failure. Be in China, think the person that does a major issue is very much, but be willing to do petty thing fine person is very few; We do not lack Xiong Taowei slightly strategist, those who lack is excelsior executant; Lack system of regulations of of all kinds government anything but, those who lack is the execution of regulations clause one hundred percent. We must change impatient to enrage the impetuous, defect that be satisfied with a smattering of a subject, advocate pay attention to detail, do petty thing fine ……
Doing meal also is such, accomplish every detail only, ability wins the client's heart truly. An a movement that serves personnel in the process that serves for the guest, eyes will affect a guest the impression to the hotel. Today, meal course of study had entered small profit period, want to had safeguarded oneself passenger source, must learn to make great efforts on detail. The Zhou Kelun that having old meal experience combines his experience, summed up the detail that hotel work middling is ignored, hope to be able to be helped somewhat to everybody.
1, if the guest philtrum of repast has foreign friend, want active inquiry to whether need knife and fork, because not all foreigner can use a chopstick.
2, serving should move first a seat next again serving, had considered to leave the serving position of a dish; On spoon should follow when the dish such as pea, bean curd; Bring the cooked food of condiment, should go up first condiment, dish goes up after, the end that such doing is to tell a guest the condiment that come up is used on this dish; When serving, want to remind guest attention, avoid to get soup juice guest body; Take take dinner service or tray should be used when beverage.
3, whether are there boiled water or wine water inside cup of water of the kettle of advertent guest, wine at any time seasonable pour is full, such not only the wine water sale that increases a hotel, what bring because of there is wine water inside the cup is awkward when returning what can avoid a guest to cheer.
4, whether has been work of the preparation before him microscope wanting to be in charge of the eat inside area before doing business done, include handleless cup of crock of vinegar of wholesome, tableware, boiled water, tea, sauce, toothpick to wait. This resembles finishing after examination questions again microscope examination paper is same.
5, administrator should execute the management that use formula when do business, should be in ceaselessly oneself work area is perambulatory, whether does the service that sees service personnel reach the designated position, whether does dish of smoke crock, bone need to change, dish whether to already go up to wait together. In be worth stage or process of platform of make one's rounds even at any time the expression of advertent guest, movement, when if discover a visitor,gazing around, should go up actively ask whether ask needs to help.
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