"Lanzhou beef face " why is Olympic Games business chance snatched
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By people praise for “ China one side, Chinese style the Lanzhou beef face of ” of the first snack (namely Lanzhou beef plays a side) , be in early decided with respect to branch be concerneded by the country for Chinese style 3 big snack popularize one of breed 1999 (additionally two are paid no attention to for Beijing roast duck and Tianjin dog) , element has the good name of ” of “ Lanzhou calling card. Be in once in a blue moon when Beijing Olympic Games was held 2008, lanzhou beef face recommends cookbook dish to taste without Olympic Games of Beijing of predestined relationship “2008 however exhibit ” to recommend list, and this one special honour is resulted from ” of Su beef face takes away the “ Xinjiang of Lanzhou beef face.
Classics dug, immediate cause is nobody declare Lanzhou. And the backside of this reason, what reflection goes out is Lanzhou beef face a lot of problem that card of this feed drink is managing the respect such as difference of train of thought of means, development, district to encounter.
“ is willing to declare ” without
Jiang Haiming is the historical teacher that Lanzhou learns in the home, he gives a student to mention the history with long Lanzhou on classroom via regular meeting, distinctive folk-custom culture, among them, lanzhou beef face is the one class that he tells surely. In his impression, the “ of Lanzhou is in ” greatly, contributing a few big compere for CCTV at her, and in the delicate and fastfood ” that at “ beef face this spreads everywhere to the whole nation. Present Lanzhou beef face, course of study already became the ” of “ calling card of this city and “ fascia ” , became the pride of Lanzhou person.
However, the closest period of time, mr. Jiang and his student feels depressed all the time. The Olympic Games came, lanzhou beef face missed ” of good chance of “ Olympic Games however. Original, cookbook dish is recommended to taste in “2008 Beijing Olympic Games in exhibiting ” to recommend list, lanzhou beef pulls just miss the opportunity of ” of special honour of face and this one “ , and selected is to come from Xinjiang however bowls of the “ ox of Su enterprise is big ” .
Message get about, the operator of Lanzhou beef face people “ ” of an in an uproar. Although everybody is right this one result not special self-identity, but must admit, this is Lanzhou beef face the “ that suffer is all-time inflict heavy losses on ” , make the businessman “ face of face of management Lanzhou beef all breaks ” .
Actually, although Su beef face is Xinjiang enterprise, but the person that its establish also is Gansu Province person. Company of Urumqi city Su grows Su Enquan of limited company president, general manager, it is person of town of expensive dam of division of cool state of Wu Wei of the Gansu Province, make a technology at studying beef face to Lanzhou 1991, noodle shop of beef of Urumqi city open “ Su is in after ” , prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan start shooting.
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