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“ civilian it is a day in order to feed. ” without doubt, meal this industry is industry of a rising sun forever. The China that has ten population not only it is the biggest meal consumption country on the world, also be the country of the biggest dietary treatment production on the world at the same time. However Chinese meal enterprise still has vast development space on originality ability. Current, of meal course of study form or want on the design creative, food of have the aid of this special carrier, make underlying idea, idea, grade forms the formal show that uses a sense to come out, make people achieves resonance on thought and affection.

The exert oneself dot of meal industry originality should pay attention to the following 10 respects:

It is to be in the process of originality, close together ground contacts a society, stand adequately in the originality problem of the food of angle look upon of target consumer. And have artistic treatment to the originality material that the society approbates generally, fashion the dietary product that possesses artistic value and culture inside information finally, be accepted for social target consumer.

2 it is a basis at present characteristic of meal trade provision, oneself has resource and technology, those who have a system, all-around conformity. Meal originality cultured is flavor of integrated raw material, gust, design, colour and lustre, period, culture, belief, design, aesthetic, individual character all popular societies, humanitarian resource.

The 3 purposes that are originality of meal course of study want direct, clarity. What does the resource that needs conformity clearly have? With what kind of means should behave originality? Which part should the dietary product of originality be aimed at to consume a group? Where is the mainstream art direction of originality food product to wait.

4 it is the originality with meal good job should be accorded with not just show present popularity, and can make accurate judgement to prospective development, lead even new round fashionable agitation, good originality is OK withstand time trial.

The 5 originality that are meal course of study should pay attention to compound sex, systematization. Should perforative at early days conception program, information is collected, choose, each link such as promotion of design concept, deal in generalities, conduct propaganda form chain of an originality value.

The 6 originality methods that are meal course of study cannot secure method of a formulary only, style material should have change, culture connotation does not finality be confined to a certain or certain level. The development that should rely on the market, society is oriented, agile ground undertakes adjustment, revise, maintain the halfback sex of product of meal estate food and epidemic.

7 it is industry of meal of countrywide each district has appeared the meal originality of a lot of major economy and organism, also fostered large quantities of one Chinese cooking Great Masters that have professional strong point and name division, of all kinds cate of international cooking contest, home is exhibited, the activity such as Chinese chef section also is had very strong professional. Should learn have the aid of these platform develop him.
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