Chain is inserted for traditional meal course of study on flying wing
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Report from our correspondent on September 5, by " contemporary handler " magazine company initiates “ meal to interlink course of study to grow selection activity of 10 strong ” announces: Sichuan sea floor scoops up meal finite liability company the growing speed with 208.14 % , become the company with the rapiddest this year development of estate of Chinese meal chain.
European house wins second place with 205.56 % growing speed, the 3rd - 10 are Xiamen a person of extraordinary powers is enjoyed come meal of limited company of limited company of management of 100 rich meal, snack of Beijing Home Ji Ye, Quan Jincheng international manages meal entertainment limited company, Xinjiang (Beijing) eyebrow of limited company of chain of meal of cabinet of green mattress of city of limited company, Guangzhou, Beijing.

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