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Recently, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad lady is full of expectation region to wear good friend, preparation goes to Beijing wide install a the luck to eat sth delicious near the door to reside chaffy dish inn to gather, over there result discovery not only fascia was changed, and return close down; Search a chaffy dish shop that calls old Beijing rinse the flesh near again, the result discovers this inn also tore open even the house.

The restaurant of these two places that place of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad lady looks for, ever was the chaffy dish store with the larger scale that the area amounts to on 1000 square metre.

And the city waits in Wuhan, big talk, the large store of similar this year dimensions closes or change piece not little also, compare for a time be like De Zhuang, boiler famously to add the chaffy dish store such as boiler, close sound also is as one falls, once interlinked the sheep of small remaining part with the rapiddest development, at present also place remnant very few.

The 2005 year meal that this year reform of commerce of national Department of Commerce will develop center of news of trade of whole nation of association of cooking of department, China, China to be released jointly in June in 100 strong findings report, because its develop momentum quickly,interlink condition of chaffy dish industry, rely on chain to join in the form is in meal was occupied in 100 strong companies 3 minutes of the world. The investigation of Chinese cooking association makes clear, in meal in 100 strong companies, chaffy dish enterprise held 22, turnover twenty-four billion and four million yuan, occupy the 34.61 % of turnover of 100 strong companies. With compared 2004, of all kinds chaffy dish adds even locksmith newly 7 the home, place occupies scale to increase 10.4 percent.

And small fat sheep interlinks the Inner Mongolia of “ old ” of condition of chaffy dish industry limited company of Yang Liansuo of limited company, Inner Mongolia small remaining part mixes 532 to part a company of 100 strong meal with 716 respectively the 2nd, the 3rd. “ and even if is like small fat Yang Liansuo, also announce figure of new set up shop only, did not disclose the door inn figure that its shut. ” has the personage inside course of study to point out, the mature stability of market of chaffy dish meal, giant cash reserve in a bank flows the surface to also be put in “ false bubble ” .

Rudiment of catenary of chaffy dish industry already was provided

In fact, meal invests especially the heat that the investment of inn of chaffy dish meal with technical more simple and easy doorsill is nearly two years of investment all the time.

The reporter understands from bureau of Beijing business affairs, turnover of Beijing meal course of study grew 9 % 2006, to the limit of one's capacity of whole of Beijing commerce real estate tends saturated, but the commercial real estate that suits to do meal still is put in very big gap, meal business spreads in short supply, and predicted meal market dimensions will achieve 30 billion yuan 2008.
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