Hotel industry: Best times also is worst times
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“ this is best times, also be worst times. Only perhaps Di Gengsi is in ” " twin city is written down " this medium logion, of the person that just suit to describe dominant of market of instantly hotel estate most jubilate and secret worry.

On one hand, below the big trend that upgrades in consumption, consumer cares about an experience, be willing to choose a few products that can include good dream or service more, this delivered more potential customer to be good at the hotel of hotel of operation high end running a group, but should move the heart of these consumer, must plan afresh in the light of these clients value curve. And at the same time, these consumer already astute experienced and knowledgeable, be good at discerning product or service whether content is worth somewhat. This gives “ to used the company of the product of good ” to offer an opportunity quite for those capable designs. Be in mere in time of a few years, economy chain hotel has made the appearance of course of study of a kind of overheat in Chinese market.

The change that experiencing when the person that leave hotel job, it is now an epitome that market trend changes. Those who escape to disappearing is medium when carrying the market, market leader needs to answer two challenges at the same time: The undertakes to answer the change of demand persistent innovation in the market that should be good at in oneself already (fixed position of products plan, market and value advocate) , should do away with all prejudice again (not be to decrease, delimit the price is worth a curve afresh however) , use the defense line that oneself build in the market of good ” as early as possible quite in “ .

Of the masses ” with rich “ and market polar

In the past, the market is all the time in the eye of sale expert from low to tall “ bell distributinging ” , both ends is small, among much, such hypothesis comes from pair of people income levels and the statistic that can control income. Accordingly, the middle class is regarded to be the most profitable public marketplace all the time, become a firm people the sale key of contention.

This viewpoint gets the doubt of increasing scholar, " rich people " the move that the author of one book proved the market through the statistic to people purchasing power. ” of “ public marketplace had changed higher income to the crowd (rich middle class) . What differ with the masses city place in the past is, the masses ” with this burgeoning “ is a batch clever, had sufferred the good education, consumption that is good at searching information on the network group. These people are to compare before more captious and experienced and knowledgeable client, they won't waste money to buy the Wen Tun product that is without characteristic, only two kinds of products can move them: Or is to buy quality qualification, have (and have only) the product with needs basic function, very low also price; Or is the affection requirement that can satisfy them, help them realize dreamy product, although such product price is high.
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