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In last few years, it is a new force suddenly rises of enterprise of Chinese chaffy dish with prairie chaffy dish, take the half of country of Chinese meal course of study almost. However, swift and violent course of study of rise Chinese chaffy dish is cruel however showed brand management to be short of break, join in deficient of resource of trade issue grow in quantity, manpower, service is opposite a lot of problem such as weakness. How does industry of Chinese chaffy dish grow after all? Recently, on forum of height of chaffy dish of Inner Mongolia prairie, many domestic expert is felt pulse for chaffy dish course of study of China.
Qiao Jie of deputy secretary-general of Chinese cooking association pointed out chaffy dish course of study exposes a lot of issue that give.
A few years enterprises of 100 meal of strong focal point manage “ up to state analysis is exemple, we are glad that the ground sees, the turnover of enterprise of boiler of 100 strong medium baking temperature had occupied the 1/3 above of 100 strong total turnover. Enter 100 strong chaffy dish businesses, was 15 2004, achieved 22 2005, achieved 28 2006, the amount is rising every year. But, we also see clearly, at present chaffy dish enterprise exposes a brand management to be short of gradually break, join in deficient of resource of trade issue grow in quantity, manpower, service is opposite fragile, product standardizes difficult, gain to wait for in-house element less, rise in price plus raw material, element of ministry of substandard of food safety crisis is perplexed, force us to seek a breakthrough to move toward maturity. ” Qiao Jie says. Qiao Jie thinks, the development of chaffy dish course of study has entered an inflection point, so the chaffy dish enterprise of our country wants healthy progress must have solved 3 big problems.
It is pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, model a brand. Current, the brand enterprise of chaffy dish meal is insufficient still, need models repast of large quantities of one green environmental protection, safe sanitation, culture to inside information the breed of famous chaffy dish with deep, distinctive and remarkable gust. Chongqing municipal Party committee, municipal government makes Chinese chaffy dish act, the form of chaffy dish whole that is Chongqing city laid a foundation like fixed position, have extremely draw lessons from action. Say on this meaning accordingly, the brand is modelled take seriously of the branch highly related to the government have immediate concern, need a government sector to be made in long-term strategy program, relevant policy especially wait for a respect to give more attention.
2 it is need idea of change of chaffy dish company, extend a domain. Current, chaffy dish enterprise needs to pursue contemporary company system, managing on development enterprising, establish the lofty aspirations and great ideals that moves toward world of the whole nation, trend. Current, the brand such as small fat sheep, cygnet made model for whole industry.
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