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Civilian it is a day in order to feed. 30 years turnover of meal course of study increases reforming and opening of “ our country 200 multiple, meal consumption is become draw the main power that uses our country to consume demand to grow. Su Qiucheng of chairman of association of ” China cooking thinks, in our country reforming and opening in 30 years, meal course of study is to start the earliest, development development is the rapiddest, effects is the most apparent, commercialize one of industries with top rate.
Arrive from 1978 2008, the course that course of study of our country meal is accompanying Chinese socioeconomy progress and development had gone to have historic, span 30 years of gender and great change sex, in standard of industry dimensions, industry and social class influence and economy play the variation that used the respect such as action to produce profundity.
“ year average increase rate is as high as 20.53%”
The data that provides according to Chinese cooking association shows, in eve of reforming and opening 1978, the management site of countrywide catering trade is not worth 120 thousand, employee 1.044 million, turnover 5.48 billion yuan. At that time, meal industry is passed carry out the whole people, collective, individual the guidelines that goes up together, a variety of economy part grow eagerly, present the new features since giving reforming and opening. Hold the meal company of the state-operated of market main body and system of supply and marketing, carry out the management with a variety of forms to contract make the management system reform that give priority to stride new step, salary of deduct a percentage from a sum of money and float price are carried out stage by stage, strength of Training Within Industry is strengthened ceaselessly. This one period, chinese cooking also begins door going abroad, present a diversity, all-around development situation.
In development process of 30 years, meal course of study regards our country tertiary industy as a medium traditional service type business, maintaining exuberant development momentum from beginning to end. Since 1991, turnover of countrywide meal course of study is annual amplitude maintains in two digit above. Breakthrough of turnover of countrywide meal course of study closed 1 trillion yuan greatly 2006, achieve one thousand and thirty-four billion five hundred and fifty million yuan, grow 16.4 % compared to the same period, pull move social consumable total volume of retail sales to increase 2.2 percent.
Course of study of meal of refer our country swift and violent development of 30 years, chinese cooking association says about personage analysis, 4 big factors promote the development process of market of our country meal: The development that is socioeconomy laid a foundation for meal estate development; The 2 development that are guild created advantage for meal course of study; 3 be foreign capital and international brand enter strong the progress that promoted meal trade; 4 it is dweller income level rises, change of life consumption idea was meal estate development to provide market demand.
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