Promote ethical culture to discuss unconscious eat to develop the strategy
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On August 11, 2008, e Er is much this learn the Inner Mongolia that Jichaolu attends seminar chairman to be held in black careful banner seminar of strategy of first development that cover meal. The conference is sponsorred by association of Inner Mongolia meal and government of people of black careful division, group of much Si Jiumeng of Er of another name for Hubei province undertakes. Come from the famous expert scholar inside Beijing and area, unconscious eat to make an appointment with 100 much people to attend the meeting from media of the news inside employment manager and Hong Kong, Beijing and area.
Professor of auspicious of tall of courtyard of division of chairman of strange Chao Lu, Inner Mongolia company serves as main honored guest, those who managed division of scene of travel of zoology of nomadism of examine rarely Su Lide bake total cattle ceremony. The seminar has scholar of many 30 expert and the masterpiece that are engaged in the practice that cover meal and management for a long time the key makes a speech. E Er is much this learn seminar vice-chairman to held secretary-general Yang Yong concurrently to should be made about " the promotion of concept of food of the Monggol nationality and the formal design that bake total cattle " the theme makes a speech, emphasize in the speech how to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses from food of the Monggol nationality, in promote traditional culture while, how to get used to the development of contemporary food culture, promotion cheats eat culture concept, pay attention to eat to taste characteristic, the respect such as formal form undertook aggrandizement discuss.
Current seminar is Inner Mongolia to unconscious eat culture first compasses feel royal research exploration, the idea that advanced culture of brand-new food of the Monggol nationality from all many sided of theory and practice and the tentative idea that standardize an operation, this will be right the it is main to accede and arrive since development effect of meal of the Monggol nationality, also be sure to make unconscious eat ascends famous dish of body whole nation fastens cavalcade, strike throughout the country, trend world rises to urge action actively.

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